Focal has designed the audio system of the new DS4


For this innovative hybrid vehicle, Focal and DS Automobiles engineers worked together, with a single objective: to enhance the sound and the listening experience, making it ever more immersive. The system includes: 16-channel amplification accumulating 690 watts and 14 loudspeakers perfectly distributed throughout the passenger compartment…

Focal and DS Automobiles are continuing their French collaboration of excellence with the DS 4, a hybrid model inspired by the SUV Coupé and the compact sedan.

An innovative audio system

After the DS 7 Crossback, DS 3 Crossback and DS 9, the Focal Electra audio system exclusively developed for DS Automobiles equips the charismatic DS 4. For this compact hybrid vehicle, Focal and DS Automobiles engineers worked together on the Focal Electra system by revisiting it, for an even better performance and more listening pleasure. More efficiency and more innovations at the service of the listening experience. As a result, a new generation of loudspeakers, a new amplifier, and new audio processing were created.

A new generation of speakers

The DS4’s sound experience is driven by a 690-watt Focal Electra system and 14 speakers, accompanied by acoustic side windows. A first, for even more listening pleasure on the go.

The DS 4 embodies “augmented technology”, a combination of advanced technologies and augmented reality.

The 14 lspeakers integrated in the passenger compartment are the result of exclusive Focal technologies:

  • The new Polyglass cone woofers / midrange drivers provide the foundation for sound balance and dynamics,
  • Aluminum inverted-domed TNF tweeters deliver highs with detail and precision,
  • The center channel and the rear satellite speakers immerse the passengers thanks to optimized spatialization,
  • The new Power Flower triple coil subwoofer delivers bass with authority and control.

The entire system is powered by a new (fully active) 16-channel 690-watt amplifier: despite a low power consumption, there is plenty of power, which is dynamically controlled and always available.

A pure immersive experience

The listening experience aboard the DS4 is rich, detailed and immersive. The music is reproduced with all the atmosphere of the original recording. Specifically positioned, the soundstage is stable regardless of the musical style being played. New settings, such as the optimized front, provide a concert-like experience, while passengers in the back benefit from enhanced sound thanks to dedicated surround loudspeakers.

Offering an innovative definition of comfort, the interior design of the DS 4 fully embellishes the experience. The ventilated and massaging seats have a refined design. A unique construction envelops the high-density foam to achieve an exceptional level of comfort. Through its materials, with different types of leather, Alcantara®, forged carbon and wood, the interior combines refinement and technology.

Enter a new dimension with the DS4, equipped with the exceptional Focal Electra audio system.

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