New Sonos Roam speaker: Bluetooth and WiFi multi-room connectivity in an ultra-compact format


Sonos officially presents its new portable speaker, the Sonos Roam!

At only 16.5cm long and weighing only 450 grams, the Sonos Roam portable speaker is easily transportable.

Sonos Roam: 10 hour battery life, IP67 waterproof rating

WiFi and Bluetooth compatible, the Sonos Roam speaker is the smaller counterpart of the Sonos Move from which it inherits several features. Like its predecessor, the Sonos Roam incorporates a rechargeable battery which gives it an autonomy of 10 hours. It is also waterproof in compliance with the IP67 standard and is therefore resistant to water, dust and sand. Its compact size and light weight (only 450g) allow you to take it everywhere with you.

The Sonos Roam is certified IP67 and is therefore resistant to sand, water and dust.

Sonos Roam: Bluetooth, WiFi, multi-room

Very versatile, the Sonos Roam speaker can play music from a smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth. It can also play music shared on the local network and access many online music services once it is connected to the home Internet router via WiFi. It can also be connected to other Sonos speakers in a multi-room installation.

Everything about the Sonos brand

A simultaneous Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection lets you stream content wherever you are. To listen to music at home, the Sonos Roam connects to the Sonos system and streams over the Wi-Fi network. When you go outside, it intuitively switches to Bluetooth mode and automatically connects to your smartphone. With the brand new “Sound Swap” function, it is now possible to send music to the speaker closest to your system by holding down the Play/Pause button, which allows you to continue listening to your music when moving from one room to another.

Sonos Roam: Alexa and Google Assistant

The Sonos Roam speaker can be easily controlled using its control interface, but also via the Sonos application for iOS and Android or even vocally thanks to the integration of the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants.

Three buttons on the Sonos Roam control volume and music playback. The microphone offers the possibility of controlling the speaker vocally via Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Sonos Roam is a versatile solution for enjoying all your music inside and outside your home, but also on the road and on vacation.

The Sonos Roam speaker is available in black or white, and is priced at €179. Availability: from April 20, 2021.

The Sonos Roam is ideal for listening to music on the go, on weekends, and on vacation.

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