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Owning your own private cinema is the dream of many movie buffs for a totally unique experience. A project in which more and more enthusiasts are embarking by designing their own home theaters. Through the new “private home theaters” section, we invite you to meet these fans of the silver screen and uncover the secrets of the most outstanding private home theaters.

With the “private home theaters” section, dive into the heart of the most beautiful home theaters and meet their owners.

For 10 years now, we have invited each of you to share your hi-fi or home theater installation in the “Your Installations” section of the Son-Vidé website, which now includes more than 550 systems. With the new “private home theaters” section, we want to put more emphasis on the most exceptional home theaters by regularly offering you interviews in which each enthusiast talks to us about their installation and the technical choices made. For now, you can find the following home theater systems:

Each interview available in the “private home theaters” section retraces the entire process of creating a dedicated home theater room, from the first installation works to the choice of equipment. You will find all the information to help you optimize your current system or take the plunge and design your own cinema room. You will see that you do not necessarily have to live in a large house to create a high-quality private home theater and that a simple unoccupied room, a living room or an attic can be renovated. You will also discover the chosen materials and the methods used to optimize acoustics and limit noise disturbances in the rest of the home.

Do you have a home theater installation or a private cinema? Like many cinephiles, share it with us by showcasing it in the “Your Installations” section. You may then be selected by the editors to be interviewed and reveal all the secrets of your private home theater. A unique opportunity to share your system, but also to exchange ideas between enthusiasts to identify areas for improvement if necessary.

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