The new Dynaudio Emit 2021 speakers for hi-fi and home theater


Launched in 2015, the Dynaudio Emit speaker range quickly established itself as one of the most popular lines from the Danish manufacturer thanks to many models with unbeatable value for money. Transparency, refinement and precision were the most notable characteristics of these speakers, which received praise and awards from the specialized press, including the Diapason D’or and What Hi-Fi? 5 star awards.

The first models in the Dynaudio Emit range received numerous awards for their excellent musical performance.

Six years after the launch of the first models, the brand is completely renewing its Dynaudio Emit speaker range by integrating ever more efficient elements from the manufacturer’s most high-end speakers, as well as a more contemporary design.

Dynaudio Emit: a comprehensive range

With the Dynaudio Emit range, the Danish manufacturer provides speakers designed to offer excellent performance in both hi-fi and home theater setups. To adapt to all configurations and needs, the Dynaudio Emit range now consists of five models: two pairs of compact speakers – the Dynaudio Emit 10 and Dynaudio Emit 20 – the Dynaudio Emit C25 center speaker – and two pairs of floorstanding speakers – the Dynaudio Emit 30 and Dynaudio Emit 50.

The new speakers from the Dynaudio Emit range promise great performance, both in hi-fi and home cinema installations.

Dynaudio Emit: 1″ Cerotar tweeter

For an optimal home theater configuration, it is essential that all the speakers have the same acoustic character so that the overall sound is coherent and natural-sounding. To achieve this, all the speakers in the Dynaudio Emit range have the same Cerotar tweeter that can also be found in the brand’s top-of-the-range models, including the Evoke series. The latter uses a soft dome that is 1 inch in diameter, a larger surface area than most tweeters in order to provide better power handling and a wider dispersion area. This tweeter is also powered by an AirFlow magnet made from strontium carbonate and ceramic ferrite to maximize the impulse response. Finally, its air flow is optimized by a rear chamber to reduce unwanted resonance. Thanks to this new tweeter, which is one of the most developments in the range, each Dynaudio Emit speaker demonstrates great transparency and is capable of reproducing the finest details of music with precision and finesse, and movie soundtrack with power and without distortion.

The 1″ Cerotar tweeter is featured on all speakers in the Dynaudio Emit range to guarantee optimal tonal consistency and great finesse in the treble.

Dynaudio Emit: MSP drivers

The Cerotar tweeter of Dynaudio Emit speakers is associated with one or more drivers whose MSP cone is directly derived from the first models in the range. This exclusive Dynaudio technology consists of manufacturing the cone from a polymer loaded with magnesium silicate in order to ideally combine low mass, high rigidity and optimal damping properties. In addition, the cone is directly bonded to the copper and aluminum coated voice coil for even more precise and smooth control. Each speaker’s magnetic system uses double-stacked ferrite and ceramic magnets to maximize power. The magnetic force is therefore greater than with the first generation of Dynaudio Emit speakers, which makes it possible to take advantage of a greater excursion for a more dynamic sound and better low frequency reproduction while maintaining optimal performance in the mediums.

The new MSP drivers of the Dynaudio Emit speakers provide better bass reproduction, while maintaining optimal performance in the midrange.

The use of the same MSP cone once again guarantees optimal tonal consistency between all the speakers in the range. The number of drivers, however, varies from one speaker to another. Bookshelf speakers The Dynaudio Emit 10 and Dynaudio Emit 20 are equipped with a single 5.5″ and 7″ midbass driver, while the Dynaudio Emit C25 center speaker uses two 5.5″ drivers: the first for the lows only and the second for the midrange and the lows. This 2.5-way design can also be found on the Dynaudio Emit 30 floorstander, while the Dynaudio Emit 50, flagship of the range, benefits from a 3-way design with a 6″ midrange driver and two 7″ woofers.

The flagship of the range, the Dynaudio Emit 50 floorstanding speaker is a 3-way model with a 6″ MSP driver for the midrange and two 7″ MSP drivers for the low frequencies.

Dynaudio Emit: new design

The first models in the Dynaudio Emit line were praised for their musical performance, but their design was fairly ordinary. The Dynaudio Emit 2021 speakers are intended to be a little more refined and elegant, in particular with a new acoustic grille for the floorstanding models. The Danish manufacturer has also refined the minimalism of these speakers by removing all traces of screws for fixing the drivers. The notches intended to receive the protective grilles have also been removed and replaced by a much more refined and simpler magnetic fixing system. The result is a more modern and luxurious design, for speakers that both sound and look amazing.

Dynaudio Emit 2021 speakers benefit from a more refined and elegant design.

The cabinets of the Dynaudio Emit speakers benefit from a similarly refined design, with the use of 18mm thick MDF panels combined with numerous internal reinforcements. An internal cushioning coating is also incorporated in the cabinet to eliminate any lingering interference and reduce the risk of coloration. Finally, all Dynaudio Emit speakers feature a bass-reflex enclosure, with a rear port for the compact and the center speakers, and two ports for the floorstanders. These ports take advantage of a new double-flared design to optimize airflow which reduces turbulence and once again minimizes unwanted noise, especially in the low frequencies.

  • Dynaudio Emit 10: €729, 2-way, 1″ tweeter and 5.5″ midbass driver, 6 ohms, sensitivity of 85 dB.
  • Dynaudio Emit 20: €950, 2-way, 1″ tweeter and 7″ midbass driver, 6 ohms, sensitivity of 86 dB.
  • Dynaudio Emit C25: €680, 2.5-way, 1″ tweeter, 5.5″ midbass driver and 5.5″ woofer, 4 ohms, sensitivity of 87 dB.
  • Dynaudio Emit 30: €1500, 2.5-way, 1″ tweeter, 5.5″ midbass driver and 15.5″ woofer, 4 ohms, sensitivity of 87 dB.
  • Dynaudio Emit 50: €2000, 3-way, 1″ tweeter, 6″ midrange driver and two 7″ woofers, 4 ohms, sensitivity of 86 dB.

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