Emotiva presents its new range of BasX power amplifiers


Following the success of the BasX power amplifiers, American brand Emotiva has announced a new range with the Emotiva BasX A2, BasX A3, BasX A4, BasX A5 and BasX A7 power amplifiers.

The power amplifiers of the BasX range are designed to deliver a high output power and to optimally power the most demanding compact and floorstanding speakers.

Whether it’s with a hi-fi or home theater installation, a system composed of a preamplifier associated with a power amp will generally provide better performance than an integrated hi-fi amplifier or an AV receiver. This is because the audio signal processing stages are fully decoupled from the amplification stage, reducing the risk of interference. In fact, the use of separate elements makes it possible to reduce background noise and distortion, guaranteeing a very good signal-to-noise ratio and, therefore, optimum sound quality. In addition, a power amplifier not only adds more impact to music and soundtracks at high volume, it is also the guarantee of a fuller sound, with intensity and substance, even at moderate volume.

Emotiva announces that its new line of BasX amplifiers retains the linear power supply found in existing BasX electronics, but it has been enhanced for even more power and better control of challenging loads. The same audiophile grade Class A/B output section is also present. The input stage has been optimized to improve the level of detail and transparency. The aesthetics of Emotiva’s BasX electronics have also been redesigned to offer a more modern and elegant look.

The Emotiva power amplifiers ensure a very high current capacity to instantly respond to dynamic variations in music and soundtracks.

The new BasX range includes:

All channels poweredTwo powered channels
New BasX power amplifiers8 Ohms4 Ohms8 Ohms4 Ohms
A2 stereo power amplifier160W per channel250W per channel160W per channel250W per channel
A3 three-channel power amplifier140W per channel200W per channel140W per channel250W per channel
A4 four-channel power amplifier100W per channel130W per channel100W per channel175W per channel
A5 five-channel power amplifier95W per channel130W per channel95W per channel175W per channel
A7 seven-channel power amplifier90W per channel125W per channel90W per channel175W per channel

To ensure optimal signal transmission, Emotiva BasX power amplifiers feature high-quality unbalanced RCA inputs and audiophile-grade speaker terminals.

The BasX A2 power amplifier has an automatic switch-on function and is activated as soon as an audio signal is detected at the input. All amplifiers in the range have a trigger input and output, which is particularly useful if your preamp or AV receiver does not offer any.

  • The BasX A2 is ideal for an audiophile-grade stereo system, for powering the front speakers of a home theater speaker pack, or for enhancing the front left and right channels of your hi-fi amplifier with pre-out outputs.
  • The BasX A3 is designed to power a 3.1-channel system, to enhance the three front channels of an AV receiver: center and front right and left.
  • The BasX A4 is a great choice for powering your surround speakers and/or front channels. It is also a great solution for powering vertical Dolby Atmos/DTS: X channels or two pairs of zone speakers.
  • The BasX A5 is ideal for a 5.1 channel surround sound system, or if you are looking for an easy solution to improve the performance of an AV receiver.
TheBasX A5 power amplifier is able to efficiently power all speakers in a 5.1 system.

The BasX A7 is designed to integrate a 7.1 system and can also be used to improve the performance of your AV receiver.

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