8KA updates its 8K TV certification program with ACR


The 8K Association validated the latest update (V2.1.0) of its 8K certification program at the end of December. A new function has been added to the performance criteria and standards (resolution, brightness, color, connectivity, etc.) applying to 8K TV models marketed from 2022: ACR. What is it for and what will it change?

8K Association Certified Qled 8K
The 8K Association ensures that certain features are included in your new 8K TV (definition of 7680 x 4320 pixels, HDMI 2.1, peak brightness of 600 nits minimum, 8K at 60 frames per second, and now ACR…).

ACR (Ambient Contrast Ratio) is akin to an evolution of the DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio). It still involves the television’s optimization of detail perception (depth of blacks, brightness of whites) by modulating the display of dark and light areas of the images (by increasing or lowering the brightness). However, the ACR algorithm initiated by the 8K Association is more complex and sophisticated by including a new parameter: reflectance.

What is the ACR function?

ACR (Ambient Contrast Ratio) is the ability of an 8K television screen to deliver good image quality regardless of the lighting and ambient light conditions. Televisions generate their brightest colors and strongest contrasts in dark rooms. However, when conditions get brighter, other factors must be taken into account. The same applies to the way the screen and its materials process and reflect light. A crucial parameter that can significantly influence the appearance and quality of the image.

This is why the 8K Association (a group that promotes the development of the 8K ecosystem) has developed ACR. This tool for measuring and optimizing the brightness of 8K televisions incorporates a variable that has rarely been used until now: reflectance. By calculating the reflectivity of a TV in bright and dark conditions, this feature allows for finer adjustment of a TV’s brightness according to the ambient light. The challenge for this new algorithm is therefore to obtain the best possible image quality in all lighting situations. The ACR therefore assigns minimum levels of reflection management to the TV to allow it to react optimally and in real time.

Towards widespread use of ACR for 8K TVs

The 8KA consortium can count on the support of many screen manufacturers such as TCL and Samsung. Here, the Neo QLED QE75QN900A and its 8K UHD display backlit by a multitude of mini LEDs optimizing brightness and contrast.

In discussion for over a year, the ACR function has just been validated by the 8KA and integrated into the latest update of the 8K certification (V2.1.0). The validity of this certification starting in January 2022, so there is no doubt that new generation 8K televisions are about to benefit from it. For example, the new TV models presented at CES 2022 (by Samsung, in particular) will probably bear witness to this innovation. It remains to be seen whether or not the leap forward that ACR heralds will be evident in the quality and detail of the image.

8K Association Certified certification

In charge of promoting the development of the 8K ecosystem, the 8K Association (8KA), now joined by Amazon Prime Video, has been constantly updating its 8K Association Certified certification program for nearly 3 years. In addition to existing standards for resolution, brightness, color and connectivity guaranteeing the power and performance of large displays, the 8K Association Certified logo certifies compatibility with a wide range of video decoding standards. Enough to enjoy of a wider range of 8K streaming content. The 8K Association’s program criteria also ensure that 8K TVs support the latest multi-dimensional surround sound audio formats for enhanced immersion.

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