Accuphase is back on Son-Vidé!


Fans of high-end audiophile electronics with a vintage design will be delighted to learn that Accuphase is back on Son-Vidé for the fiftieth anniversary of the famous Japanese brand, notably with the Accuphase E380, Accuphase E650 and Accuphase E800 stereo hi-fi amplifiers.

Accuphase electronics are on display and can be listened to exclusively at the Son-Vidé Bordeaux store. A unique opportunity to test these exceptional electronics with the best speakers available, such as the imposing Elipson Legacy 3230, the elegant PMC twenty5.26i and the magnificent Dali Epicon 8 Rubis.
You can discover and listen to Accuphase electronics at the Son-Vidé Bordeaux store in association with the best speakers of the moment.
Despite its vintage front panem with its very ’70s VU-meter, this Accuphase E650 amplifier incorporates cutting -edge technologies to deliver extremely pure sound with perfect linearity and no distortion.

Accuphase: the quest for perfection

Founded in 1972 by Jiro Kasuga, a former engineer at Kenwood, with the help of engineers from brands such as Marantz and Luxman, Accuphase is a Japanese high-end electronics company that is a benchmark in the high fidelity market. Accuphase means “accurate phase”: an essential parameter in the processing of electrical audio signals that the former Kenwood engineer was particularly keen to preserve.

In the first year, the founding members of Accuphase met at Jiro Kasuga’s home to work.

Stamped with the seal of excellence, the electronics of the Japanese manufacturer still stand out with their careful design, irreproachable build quality and the use of components and advanced technologies, all of which are combined with an aesthetic that has remained virtually unchanged since the beginnings of the brand and is now delightfully vintage.

In August 1973, a year after its creation, the first Accuphase models went into production: the P-300 power amplifier and the C-200 preamplifier, quickly followed by the T-100 AM/FM tuner. Using only premium quality parts and an innovative circuit design, these electronics offered amazing performance and great sound, but they were also extremely expensive…

Nevertheless, the market welcomed them enthusiastically. Their impeccable sound and excellent build quality were unanimously acclaimed and won them numerous awards, including the Gold Prize for the P-300 at the Japan Compo Grand Prix (awarded by Radio Gijutsu Inc.) in the fall of 1973.

Marketed in 1973, the Accuphase P-300 power amplifier, the C-200 preamplifier and the T-100 AM/FM tuner immediately won over audiophiles the world over with their impeccable build quality and extraordinary sound.

Since its inception, Accuphase has focused on the high-end segment with the goal of creating exceptional products. Regularly awarded by the international specialized press, Accuphase products benefit from the trust and love of a community of loyal owners, aware of owning an exceptional device that will offer them maximum pleasure for many years to come. This enduring aspect of Accuphase’s productions is embodied in their signature aesthetic, including the design and color of the logo and front panel which have never changed significantly since the early 70s.

The aesthetics of the Accuphase productions are very similar between the models of the seventies (in the background), those of the eighties (in the foreground) and those of the nineties (next picture).
Aesthetically speaking, the Accuphase devices of the 90s differed little from models of previous decades.

In addition, model changes are spaced out at fairly long intervals and justified by real improvements. Accuphase products are available for at least four years after release, with some models remaining on the market for ten years or more. Accuphase electronics therefore do not lose value and do not look old or obsolete over time. Accuphase products are therefore always highly sought after on the second-hand market.

Reflecting innovative design and offering the ultimate in reliability, many Accuphase products have become benchmarks in audio history. This is proven by the countless awards and accolades they have received from audio publications and industry websites around the world.

Accuphase has been in the hi-fi pantheon for a long time and is still a major player in the high fidelity market with stereo amplifiers, preamplifiers, power supplies, SACD/CD players, prestigious tuners, active digital filters, MC phono cartridges and audiophile power supplies in its catalog.

Accuphase E380
The Accuphase E380 stereo amplifier adopts a power amplification stage with balanced circuits in a double parallel push-pull configuration supported by a very generously sized power supply. It can therefore meet the high current requirements of the most demanding speakers.

The Accuphase E380 amplifier is one of the most accessible integrated stereo amplifiers from the famous Japanese manufacturer. Despite its vintage look with its two VUmeters on the front, this Accuphase E380 amp adopts cutting-edge technologies intended to enhance your most precious recordings. Solid power supply, large components, fully balanced design, generous power (2 x 120 watts at 8 ohms): this Accuphase E380 amplifier has everything you need to efficiently power a pair of bookshelf speakers or a pair of floorstanding speakers.

Accuphase E650
The Accuphase E650 amplifier adopts proprietary AAVA volume control technology. It is designed to preserve all the integrity of the signal and does not introduce any deterioration of the signal-to-noise ratio or alteration of the frequency response, whatever the volume.

The Accuphase E650 amplifier is one of the most iconic integrated stereo amplifiers from the Japanese manufacturer. Operating in pure class A, it delivers 2 x 30 watts of power into 8 ohms with an extremely low level of distortion and a beautifully evident musicality. Like all Accuphase amplifiers, it features a very solid power supply, generously sized components, fully balanced design and proprietary AAVA volume control technology. This Accuphase E650 amp has everything you need to get the most out of your speakers, even those hard-to-power models.

Accuphase E800

Accuphase E800: inside view
A true monster of controlled power, the Accuphase E800 amplifier delivers 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 100 watts into 4 ohms in pure class A with a damping factor of 1000. It is therefore capable of perfectly mastering large-diameter drivers, offering an energetic and distortion-free sound, even at very high volume.

Offering 2 x 50 watts of power into 8 ohms in pure class A with an extremely low level of distortion, the Accuphase E800 amplifier is one of the most prestigious models from the Japanese manufacturer. This vintage-looking stereo amplifier with its two graphic VUmeters uses the manufacturer’s cutting-edge technologies to make each listening session an exceptional moment. The music materializes in front of the listeners and unfolds with unequaled naturalness and presence.
The two huge 60000 µF filter capacitors of the Accuphase E800 integrated amplifier are powered by a very large toroidal transformer. Together, they guarantee very high available power with optimal stability, extremely low distortion and perfect linearity.

Accuphase DAC-60 & Accuphase AD-50

To extend the capabilities of these Accuphase stereo amplifiers, the manufacturer provides two additional digital input boards:

  • The Accuphase DAC-60 DAC module which has three digital inputs (USB-B, optical and coaxial) and incorporates two ES9016K2M chips (ESS Technologies) connected in parallel to convert digital signals while preserving all the sound fidelity of the original sources. The Accuphase DAC-60 DAC card’s USB port supports PCM files up to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD 512 (11.2MHz). The optical input is PCM compatible up to 24-bit/96kHz and the coaxial input up to 24-bit/192kHz.
  • The Accuphase AD-50 RIAA phono preamp module is compatible with moving magnet (MM) cartridges and moving coil (MC) cartridges, with the option to select from three impedances for MC cartridges (30/100/300 ohms). This Accuphase AD-50 phono preamp also incorporates a subsonic filter (25Hz/-12 dB/octave).

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