Transparent: sumptuous glass speakers


The young Swedish brand Transparent is arriving in France with three speakers whose structure is made entirely of glass: the Transparent Light Speaker, Transparent Speaker and Small Transparent Speaker. The first is a portable Bluetooth speaker that looks like a lantern, with real lighting that varies according to the music. The other two are neo-futuristic looking living room Bluetooth speakers designed to fit different interiors and lifestyles.

The Transparente Speakers adopt a glass structure to integrate seamlessly into any interior.

The most transparent of brands

Transparent is a young Swedish brand founded by Per and Martin who were part of the famous Stockholm design studio People People for almost 10 years. Between projects for major international consumer electronics brands, they rethought the very design of speakers by coming up with an all-glass structure. While design is often used to add flair, Per and Martin think differently in using glass to show products as they really are, including their internal elements. It is from this philosophy that the brand’s first speakers were born.

The glass of the Transparent speakers offers a unique design and reveals the components of the speakers.

Glass at the service of speakers

Transparent is not the first to trade in the usual wooden speaker design for glass. However, manufacturers who opt for this material are still few and far between, as it is particularly difficult for acousticians to work with. Its transparency makes the treatment of vibrations and internal resonances more delicate since it prevents the enclosure from being filled with absorbing materials. The design of a glass speaker is therefore much more complex and requires a great deal of research to optimize the damping of the speaker and to eliminate any harshness in the listening experience. The French brand Waterfall has achieved this perfectly well with its Waterfall Iguasçu Evo and Waterfall Victoria Evo glass floorstanding speakers, but also with its series of home theater speakers: Waterfall Elora Evo Center, Waterfall Elora Evo L/R, Waterfall Serio and Waterfall Hurricane Evo. Other manufacturers have also experimented with less ambitious designs like Sony with the Sony LSPX-S2 Bluetooth speaker.

The Waterfall Iguascu Evo is one of the only glass floorstanding speakers in the world. It combines a sumptuous transparent design with great musicality.

Transparent Speaker: glass structure

The Swedish brand offers two glass living room speakers: the Transparent Speaker which tops the range, and the Small Transparent Speaker which has the same design, but a more compact format. The two speakers are particularly appealing, with a closed glass enclosure that reveals their components. Each side of the speakers is cut from a single piece of thick tempered glass to maximize strength, but also resistance to vibration caused by the mechanical force of the drivers. The aluminum structure firmly holds the sides together and reinforces the contemporary look of the speakers. Thanks to this design, the Transparent Speaker and Small Transparent Speaker can fit perfectly into any interior. Their neo-futuristic design perfectly suits any decor, revealing the color and texture of the wall in front of which they are positioned.

The glass structure reveals the insides of the Transparent Speaker and Small Transparent Speaker.

Transparent Speaker: acoustic design

Implanted in the glass front panel, the drivers of these Transparent speakers seem to float in the air. The Small Transparent Speaker has two 76mm full-range drivers, each powered by a 15-watt amplifier. The largest Transparent Speaker uses the same two wideband drivers to which is added a large 6.5″ woofer. It is therefore able to provide deeper bass. The power is also multiplied, with an amplification capable of developing up to 120 watts.

The Transparent speakers use two full-range drivers, combined with a 6.5 inch woofer for the most powerful model.

Transparent Speaker: Bluetooth and mini-jack

The Transparent Speaker and Small Transparent Speaker both rely on a Bluetooth module for streaming music from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Two 3.5mm mini-jack inputs are also included to connect a wired source: pre-amplified turntable, CD player or DAP, for example. Finally, two Transparent speakers can be combined wirelessly to create a true stereo pair.

Like its larger counterpart, the Small Transparent Speaker can receive music via Bluetooth and mini-jack.

Transparent Light Speaker: the lantern speaker

The latest addition to the Swedish brand, the Transparent Light Speaker looks like a lantern. It consists of a large central column in borosilicate glass which allows you to admire the driver, but also the lighting which varies according to the sound vibrations. The base and the top of the enclosure are made of aluminum and are sealed against weather and dust, according to the IPX2 certification. Therefore, this small Bluetooth speaker can be taken anywhere to liven up your parties in a unique way. To facilitate its transport, it has a handle worthy of a real lantern.

The Transparent Light Speaker portable Bluetooth speaker is like a lantern, whether through its design or its lighting system which varies according to the music.

Transparent Light Speaker: 360° sound

The interior of this lantern contains a 2.5″ wideband driver. It is paired with a 3-inch passive radiator to extend bass response and deliver more powerful lows. The dome-shaped design allows the Transparent Light Speaker to deliver 360° sound. Each listener thus hears the music, regardless of their position in relation to the speaker.

The Transparent Light Speaker offers 360° sound diffusion so that each listener can hear the music properly.

Transparent Light Speaker: 10 hours of battery life

To light up and add sound to your parties, the Transparent Light Speaker lantern has a rechargeable battery offering up to 10 hours of autonomy. To enjoy music, this Transparent speaker has a Bluetooth 5.0 module allowing wireless streaming from any Bluetooth source. Finally, a 3.5mm mini-jack input allows the connection of a wired source, in the same way as the Transparent Speaker and Small Transparent Speaker.

Thanks to its 10-hour battery life and carrying handle, the Transparent Light Speaker can be taken anywhere.

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