Elipson W35+: more powerful and more features


The most iconic French hi-fi brand presents the Elipson W35+ connected speaker, an optimized version of the popular Elipson W35 (read our Elipson W35 review). This new generation promises an even more precise and detailed reproduction thanks to an improved internal design. The Elipson W35+ speaker also provides an Ethernet port, in addition to WiFi and Bluetooth aptX HD, with access to streaming services.

Elipson W35+: new acoustic design

The Elipson W35+ speaker retains the iconic spherical shape of its predecessor, also present on many of the brand’s models such as the Elipson Planet L and Elipson Planet M. A trademark of Elipson since the late 1960s, this spherical design helps eliminate internal resonances and standing waves. The Elipson W35 Plus speaker marks the revival of this French tradition. It uses the 350 watt amplification and the same drivers as the first Elipson W35, with a set of 4 drivers, including two 6.5″ midbass drivers and two 1″ silk dome tweeters. To optimize the operation of the latter, the French manufacturer studied the acoustics of the mesh on the tweeter’s grille. This new design increases the perceived level of the high frequencies. The sound is therefore more detailed and more defined, while keeping the deep bass and rich midrange that characterize the first generation Elipson W35.

The Elipson W35+ speaker features a new tweeter grille mesh for a more precise and detailed sound in the highs.

Elipson W35+: streaming

The new Elipson W35+ connected speaker also provides an RJ45 Ethernet port to expand its connectivity. In WiFi or wired mode, the Elipson W35+ speaker offers the many possibilities of its predecessor, with access to the majority of online music services such as Deezer, Napster, Spotify, Qobuz and Tidal, as well as web radios and music shared over the local network. Streaming can also be done via Bluetooth, with support for the aptX HD codec to maximize listening quality. Finally, the optical digital and 3.5mm mini-jack inputs are retained to facilitate the connection of a wired source.

Thanks to the Elipson mobile app, the Elipson W35+ connected speaker can access many streaming services, music shared on the local network as well as web radios.

Elipson W35+: multi-room

The Elipson W35+ connected speaker retains the control interface on the top of its center panel. It can also be controlled remotely with its infrared remote control or from the Elipson mobile application for iOS and Android. From the latter, it is possible to couple up to two W35+ speakers to create a real stereo system. To create a complete multi-room system and enjoy music throughout the house, it is possible to pair up to 16 Elipson W35+ speakers. This streaming can also be done with any other Elipson multi-room compatible equipment, such as the Elipson Connect 250 amplifier or the Elipson Connect Wifi Receiver network player.

It is possible to connect up to 16 Elipson W35+ speakers and Elipson devices to create a multi-room system throughout the house.

Elipson W35+: numerous accessories

With its very elegant spherical design, the Elipson W35+ speaker naturally finds its place in any interior. It can be placed on a piece of furniture, a shelf or a dedicated stand such as the Elipson W35 Tripod or the Elipson Planet Stand. This connected speaker can also be moiunted on the wall thanks to the Elipson W35 Wall Mount bracket, or even on the ceiling by combining it with the Elipson W35 Ceiling Mount Kit. With its countless accessories and possibilities, the Elipson W35+ speaker is guaranteed to seamlessly fit into your interior.

The Elipson W35+ speaker can be placed on a piece of furniture, on dedicated stands and mounted on the wall or ceiling.

With the new Elipson W35+, the French manufacturer is updating its most iconic connected speaker to offer ever more accurate and precise musical reproduction, as well as greater connection flexibility.

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