THX Spatial Audio: surround sound in your gaming headphones


The THX Spatial Audio application for Windows allows you to enjoy 360° surround sound with any hi-fi headphones or gaming headphones. This software solution allows you to benefit from virtual 7.1 sound with video games, but also with compatible films and programs.

THX Spatial Audio: surround sound for headphones

In 2016, the gaming equipment specialist Razer bought THX, George Lucas’ famous company. It has taken advantage of the brand’s expertise in cinema surround spatialization (understanding the different cinema audio formats) to work on the THX Spatial Audio processing system for computers. The latter allows you to simulate a 7.1 sound using only software. When launched in 2020, the THX Spatial Audio system was only compatible with Razer headphones such as the Razer Kraken V3 X, Razer Barracuda X, and 2Razer Blackshark V2. More recently, the manufacturer has made this solution compatible with any classic stereo headphones, both hi-fi and gaming models. To do this, simply connect it to the computer via 3.5mm mini-jack, USB or Bluetooth.

The Razer Blackshark V2 gaming headphoneuses THX Spatial Audio software to create 7.1 surround sound and immerse you in the heart of video games.

THX Spatial Audio: a Windows application

The THX Spatial Audio spatialization system uses its own app to create 3D sound. Compatible with Windows, the software allows you to customize many virtualization settings. In particular, it is possible to move the virtual surround speakers, and modify their position or their distance from the listening area. The volume of each virtual speaker can also be customized. By modifying these parameters, you can create a broad and very spacious soundstage or, conversely, a more intimate soundstage.

The THX Spatial Audio application allows you to move around the soundstage and adjust the reproduction of each virtual surround speaker.

For increased control, the THX Spatial Audio app also provides an equalizer to adjust the level of the bass, treble or midrange to your liking. It is possible to create several profiles, linked to the applications of your choice. Finally, the THX Spatial Audio system has a database with specific profiles for each game. There are dedicated settings for World of Tanks, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Halo and even Assassin’s Creed, for example.

In addition to the specific game profiles, the THX Spatial Audio application also allows you to create your own equalization.

THX Spatial Audio: how to enjoy it

The THX Spatial Audio app is available for download from the Razer website. The brand offers a free 15-day trial to discover the possibilities of the software. If you are impressed, you can pay €25 to acquire a permanent license.

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