Klipsch Jubilee: an imposing 185kg hi-fi speaker


A true acoustic monument, the Klipsch Jubilee speaker is the last project Paul W. Klipsch worked on. To celebrate the brand’s 75th anniversary, the legendary Klipsch Jubilee speaker has been brought up to date with the manufacturer’s latest innovations. The result is an exceptional speaker weighing more than 185kg, all the drivers of which are loaded in acoustic horns, which allows it to go down to 18Hz.

The monumental Klipsch Jubilee speaker crowns the range of Klipsch floorstanding speakers, giving the impression of attending a private concert in one’s living room.

Klipsch Jubilee: Klipsch’s heritage

The Klipsch Jubilee are the last speakers developed by Paul W. Klipsch, the brand’s founder. He wanted to create a speaker fully loaded with acoustic horns that would satisfy the most demanding audiophiles. Embodying the brand’s expertise, the Klipsch Jubilee speaker was intended to replace the Klipsch La Scala and Klipschorn. The Klipschorn 2 name was even considered for the first-generation Jubilee. The Klipsch Jubilee ultimately proved so revolutionary that it established itself at the top of the Heritage line. For its 75th anniversary, the American manufacturer presents a new version of its iconic Klipsch Jubilee, enhanced by more modern acoustic, electronic and digital technologies.

Klipsch Jubilee: full-range drivers

With a width of 1.27m, a height of 1.75m and a depth of 76cm, the Klipsch Jubilee speakers are even more massive than the famous Klipschorns, which are now in their sixth generation with the Klipsch Klipschorn AK6. Unlike the latter, which use a 3-way configuration, the Klipsch Jubilee speaker is based on a 2-way configuration. An atypical setup for a high-end speaker, but which is justified by revolutionary acoustic choices. This is reflected in particular by a single full-range driver that reproduces both the mids and highs. This 7″ titanium cone model offers a very wide bandwidth, eliminating the need for a driver exclusively dedicated to the midrange. It lowers the crossover point below the critical vocal range and allows a smoother reproduction, while minimizing distortion. As usual, the manufacturer has placed this driver inside a very large Tractrix acoustic horn. The horn extends the sound diffusion and ensures an optimal perception of the different frequencies.

The large acoustic horn resting on top of the Klipsch Jubilee speaker houses a full-range driver responsible for reproducing the midrange and highs.

Klipsch Jubilee: two woofers

The lower part of the Klipsch Jubilee cabinet contains two 12″ woofers. They use the very large volume of the cabinet to amplify the bass. To do this, the drivers are coupled to a triple internal port that leads to a double acoustic horn. These ports are therefore directly mounted in the cabinet and, as a result, within the pavilion structure itself. This design allows very effective bass amplification down to a very low frequency of 18Hz. This also results in a more efficient bass distribution throughout the room.

The low frequency enclosure of the Klipsch Jubilee speaker houses two 12″ woofers coupled with a triple internal port and a double acoustic horn to ensure a balanced and powerful bass reproduction down to 18Hz.

Klipsch Jubilee: active crossover

Thanks to the latest digital signal processing systems, the American manufacturer manages to optimize the operation of the Klipsch Jubilee speaker’s drivers by an active DSP-boosted crossover. Placed in an external box, this system adapts the phase and the time delay of each component of the speaker in order to eliminate phase cancellations and improve the crossover frequency. From this external crossover, it is also possible to manually adjust the bass and treble levels.

The Klipsch Jubilee speaker uses a separate active crossover to optimize the operation of the drivers and perfect the sound reproduction.

With its numerous acoustic innovations, the Klipsch Jubilee speaker stands out as the most efficient model from the American manufacturer. It is also the biggest, and must be installed in very large rooms in order to express itself correctly. It then promises an outstanding sound reproduction. A real acoustic feat that comes at the high price of €39,990.

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