Dali Kore: the ultimate High End speaker from Dali


Danish hi-fi specialist Dali recently showed off its new masterpiece at the High End trade fair in Munich: the Dali Kore. Showcase of the brand, this ultra high-end speaker concentrates all the know-how acquired by the manufacturer over the past decades. An uncompromising speaker that promises to push the boundaries of high fidelity.

A no-compromise design, the Dali Kore brings together the brand’s latest innovations and exclusive drivers to deliver music like never before.

Dali Kore: the ultimate achievement

Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries, better known as Dali, was founded in 1983 by Peter Lyngdorf. A true icon in the audiophile world, he is also the founder of the Lyngdorf Audio brand and co-founder of the Nordic Hi-Fi Klubben chain. Dali has been known in the world of high-fidelity since the mid-80s thanks to the technical aspect of its drivers and the incomparable design of its speakers. Today, Dali is present in more than 70 countries around the world. The brand develops and produces by hand its own drivers and loudspeakers, a process that you can discover in the article about our visit to the Dali factory. However, the brand lacked a real showcase to make its mark in the very exclusive world of high-end audio. A niche in which the new Dali Kore establishes itself by surpassing the very high-end Dali Epicon 8 to take the brand to new acoustic horizons.

Flagship of the Danish manufacturer, the Dali Kore speaker takes the brand to new acoustic horizons.

Dali Kore: a mastodon

A true mastodon, the Dali Kore speaker is a masterpiece measuring 1.70m in height and weighing more than 140kg. It is luxuriously finished with a hand-polished real wood veneer. The Danish style is illustrated through a simple and elegant silhouette. The front panel is slightly flared, as are the sides that converge towards the rear of the speaker. This attractive enclosure rests on a non-magnetic cast aluminum composite base that encloses the crossover elements. With a weight of 35kg, this base provides optimal stability. Finally, a metal support decouples the speaker from the floor to limit unwanted vibrations and resonances.

The Dali Kore speaker is stabilized by a 35kg cast iron base. It is decoupled from the floor to eliminate vibrations and resonances.

Dali Kore: an acoustic prowess

The Dali Kore speaker adopts a four-way design with the implementation of five exclusive drivers. There are two 12″ woofers, each mounted in its own 72-liter compartment and loaded in a bass-reflex enclosure through an angled tubular port opening out of the back of the speaker. They are combined with a 7″ midrange driver located in the center of the speaker. These drivers use a second generation SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) magnetic system to reduce distortion. This technology is now associated with a new concept called Balanced Drive SMC. It uses two voice coils to maximize power handling.

The Dali Kore speaker features two 12″ woofers with dual voice coils to maximize power handling.

The tweeter of the Dali Kore floorstanding speaker has an extraordinary diameter of 1.4″, which allows a much larger dome radiation area. This results in lower distortion and better handling when increasing power. This large size also allows the driver to reach 2.1kHz, guaranteeing a better reproduction of the upper mids. From 12kHz onwards, the high frequencies are reproduced by a 0.4 x 2.16″ ribbon tweeter. It brings transparency and depth to the soundstage.

The Dali Kore uses a hybrid tweeter with a 1.4″ dome and a 0.4 x 2.16″ ribbon driver for a more homogeneous and natural reproduction of the different harmonics.

Dali Kore: the best performance

With its many acoustic innovations, the Dali Kore speaker is the most powerful of the Danish manufacturer. It is also the most imposing and will be at home in large rooms to express itself properly. It then promises an outstanding sound reproduction. A real acoustic feat that comes at a high price of €80,000 per pair.

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