NorStone releases new TV and speaker wall mounts!


Do you dream of a minimalist and elegant interior? Good news, NorStone has just released its new line of wall mounts! Suitable for living rooms, home theater rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms, NorStone wall mounts ensure a safe and aesthetic installation of your hi-fi and home theater equipment. Wall-mounted, your TVs and speakers free up floor space while ensuring optimal placement. Enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, playlists and podcasts.

With its new line of universal mounts, NorStone makes it possible to wall-mount TVs and speakers.

Among the French brand’s products are TV wall mounts, but also wall mounts for speakers. Universal or designed for specific models, the monts offer a quick and easy integration of your equipment on the wall. The TV wall mounts are equipped with VESA-compliant mounting systems. Those dedicated to speakers are equipped with fixing devices adapted to each model or with telescopic arm systems. NorStone guarantees optimal support, all with quick and easy installation.

NorStone TV wall mounts

Fix range

NorStone Fix mounts are specially designed to place the TV on the wall at eye level for maximum viewing comfort. This range is ideal for viewers whose seat faces the TV, whether it is an armchair, a sofa or a bed.

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The main advantage of this range is to free up floor space. The TV cabient can then be used for your soundbar or your decorative objects.

The NorStone Fix 3780 TV wall mount is ideal for flat screen TVs. It is compatible with televisions from 94 to 203cm in diagonal (between 37″ and 80″) and whose weight does not exceed 45kg. The NorStone Fix 60100 TV mount is specially designed for wall mounting very large TVs. This large TV stand is able to hold models weighing up to 100kg, from 60″ to 100″, that is to say a diagonal of 152 to 254cm. These two brackets are available with tiltable versions: NorStone Fix 3780 Tilt and NorStone Fix 60100 Tilt. It is therefore possible to position the television higher, while benefiting from the most comfortable viewing angle possible.

NorStone wall mounts
The NorStone Fix range allows you to place your TVs on the wall, even the largest models.

Full Motion range

The NorStone Full Motion range is designed for wall mounting flat or curved screens. NorStone Full Motion TV mounts are designed to give you the best possible viewing angle, no matter where you are in the room. These wall mounts can tilt, turn and swivel, and are ideal for rooms where the TV doesn’t always face the seat, such as the bedroom or dining room. In addition, they allow you to eliminate annoying reflections by simply repositioning the TV screen.

NorStone Full Motion: customizable wall mounts
Very practical and versatile, the NorStone Full Motion range consists of tilting, rotating and swivelling supports offering an optimal viewing angle, whatever your position in the room.

The range consists of the following references:

  • The NorStone Full Motion 120 wall mount is compatible with TVs from 94 (37″) to 203cm (80″) and weighing up to 40kg. The latter can be tilted +5°/-15°, rotated up to 60° and pivoted up to 3°.
  • The NorStone Full Motion 180 wall mount is compatible with TVs from 58 (23″) to 139cm (55″) and weighing up to 35kg. This second model is tiltable +5/-15°, swivelable up to 3° and rotatable by 90°.
  • The NorStone Full Motion 180 Extra wall mount is the most comprehensive in the range, allowing optimal customization of TVs from 101 (40″) to 203cm (80″) in diagonal and with a weight of 50kg. It can be rotated up to 90°, pivoted up to 3°, and tilted +5° and -15°.

Slimled range

This range differs from the two previous series with its ultra-thin design. This design offers viewers a very discreet installation. Seen from the side, the NorStone Slimled 3265 and NorStone Slimled 4080 universal TV wall mounts measure less than 3.5cm! These universal TV brackets disappearing to leave only the image displayed on the screen.

Slimled TV mount by NorStone
The thin design of the NorStone Slimled mounts allows viewers to forget about the mount, thus enhancing the image displayed on the screen.

NorStone wall mount specifications

TV sizesVESA standardFixed / Swivel / TiltCompatible with flat or curved screens
Fix range
NorStone Fix 3780from 94cm (37″) to 203cm (80″)from 200 x 200 to 600 x 400mmFixedFlat screens
NorStone Fix 3780 Tiltfrom 94cm (37″) to 203cm (80″)from 200 x 200 to 600 x 400mmTiltable to -8Flat screens
NorStone Fix 60100from 152 (60″) to 254cm (100″)from 200 x 200 to 900 x 600 mmFixedFlat and curved screens
NorStone Fix 60100 Tiltfrom 152 (60″) to 254cm (100″)from 200 x 200 to 900 x 600 mmTiltable +5°/-10°.Flat and curved screens
Full Motion range
NorStone Full Motion 120from 94 (37″) to 203cm (80″)from 75 x 75 to 600 x 400mmTiltable +5°/-10°
Adjustable up to 60°
Swivel up to 3°
Flat and curved screens
NorStone Full Motion 180from 58 (23″) to 139cm (55″)from 75 x 75 to 400 x 400mmTiltable +5°/-15°.
Adjustable up to 90°
Swivel up to 3°
Flat and curved screens
NorStone Full Motion 180 Extrafrom 101 (40″) to 203cm (80″)from 200 x 200 to 800 x 400mmTiltable +5°/-15°.
Adjustable up to 90°
Swivel up to 3°
Flat and curved screens
Slimled range
NorStone Slimled 3265 from 81 (32″) to 164cm (65″)from 200 x 200 to 400 x 300mmFixedFlat and curved screens
NorStone Slimled 4080from 101 (40″) to 203cm (80″)from 200 x 200 to 600 x 300mmFixedFlat and curved screens
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NorStone speaker wall mounts

NorStone also offers dedicated speaker wall mounts for the Sonos Beam and Sonos Arc soundbars. Combined with a NorStone TV mount, the Sonos Beam mount and Sonos Arc mount provide a clean, uncluttered stationary installation. With a slim, solid design, the soundbar looks great in your home theater area. Your devices benefit from optimal placement. The viewing angle is comfortable and the soundtrack of your favorite movie is enhanced by the soundbar.
For three-dimensional sound, the NorStone wall mount for Sonos One allows Sonos One, Sonos One SL and Sonos Play:1 speakers to be mounted off the ground. With AirPlay 2 or the Sonos multi-room system, the various elements reveal a perfectly harmonious sound environment.

NorStone wall mount for Sonos One
The NorStone mount for Sonos is a convenient way to place Sonos One, Sonos One SL and Sonos Play:1 speakers on the wall.

Finally, if you want to add sound to a room with bookshelf speakers, the NorStone Bookshelves Wall Mount is the perfect solution. Its telescopic arm system allows it to adapt to different speaker sizes up to 27.5cm wide. The surround speaker mounts can be tilted and rotated to deliver sound to the listening area.

Sonos Selection

Available from July 20th, NorStone’s universal mounts for TV and speakers are priced from €29.

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