Google TV: is automatic installation and connection to your streaming services coming soon?


Thanks to Google TV, using a new Smart TV or network player will become even easier. As 9to5Google reported in a recent article, a new feature may be coming to the Android TV interface soon. It would allow the TV to automatically download and log in to apps and services used on other devices.

Android TV and Google TV compatible TVs

While decompiling the latest version of an app downloaded from the Play Store, 9to5Google journalists made a discovery. Among different lines of code, they were able to discern what seems to be a hint at a future feature. This could make it much easier to install a new TV or network media player with Google TV at home.

Television with Google TV
What if installing a new TV became even easier? This could happen soon with Google TV Smart TVs.. Your streaming apps would be downloaded automatically and your account logged in to without your intervention.

In the Google Assistant settings, it is currently possible to connect to various audio and video streaming services. This allows you to stream movies and series, as well as music, directly to any Chromecast-compatible device, without having to log in from the latter.

These services can also be found on Google TV from a smartphone, TV or connected network player. This allows you to enjoy personalized recommendations from the services you subscribe to. However, this requires quite a few steps when setting up a new Google TV device. And you have to manually log in to the application of each service to access its entire library.

Now, the code of the latest version of the Google TV Setup app (1.0.4508) hints at something new:

Several apps come with your TV and will be installed during setup. Additionally, apps for your subscriptions will also be installed.

App info from devices linked to your Google Account will be used to set up and sign in to these apps on your TV.

Google TV could use the list of connected subscriptions to automatically download their respective apps and connect to the linked account. The TV could use data from another device (smartphone, tablet, other TV) to log in automatically.

Applications in Google TV
If this new Google TV feature sees the light of day, you will automatically find your favorite apps on the home screen.

There is currently no official communication from Google on this feature. One thing to keep in mind: the presence of hints of a new feature hidden in the code of an app does not necessarily mean that it will be released. That said, its rollout would be good news for users. It would make it even easier to install a new smart TV or network media player with Google TV at home.

To be continued…

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