Christine and the Queens is now available in Spatial Audio


Launched in June 2021, Apple now offers many immersive tracks mixed in Dolby Atmos. Recently, Christine and the Queens’ tracks were mixed with Dolby Atmos to immerse listeners in the artist’s world. Available exclusively on Apple Music, Redcar (aka Chris) has released their entire music catalog in Spatial Audio, notably Je te vois enfin, their new single released a few days ago. A great way to (re)discover their songs in the best conditions!

Christine and the Queens: Spatial Audio on Apple Music
Particularly suited to the Dolby Atmos mix, the entire discography of Christine and the Queens is available in Spatial Audio on Apple Music for an incredibly immersive listening experience.

The world of Christine and the Queens in Spatial Audio

Designed with Dolby Atmos technology, Apple’s spatialization provides a three-dimensional soundscape, offering more clarity and depth to tracks. It is also a real asset for the artists who have more freedom and can fully express their creative vision.

The listener is directly immersed in the heart of their playlist thanks to a wider soundstage and a perfectly immersive sound. To get the most out of these mixes with your smartphone, tablet or computer (if they support Dolby Atmos), noise-cancelling headphones like the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portals or a pair of IEMs like the Apple AirPods Pro are particularly recommended.

Apple Spatial Audio Guide

In the studio

Sound engineer Bastien Doremus was in charge of mixing the three Christine and the Queens albums in Dolby Atmos. “I tried to respect the original mix as much as possible while creating new spaces. […] Christine and the Queens’ music lends itself particularly well to this format because it is already highly produced and spatialized. The arrangements are rich and allow for a full Atmos mix. He also adds that “Christine loves the format. She loves the idea of new technology.”

According to him, the tracks Narcissus Is Back, Feel So Good and Mountains (We Met) are the best. Each element stands out perfectly and creates a sound bubble.

Christine and the Queens
Sound engineer Bastien Doremus has reworked Christine and the Queens’ albums to offer an immersive sound.

A few months ago, for the arrival of tracks in spatial audio on Apple Music, the Guillaume Tell studio was equipped with a new ultra-modern, Dolby Atmos mixing facility. Each instrument and all vocals are worked on separately, and then mixed in the most harmonious way possible. The band Air have also re-released the album 10 000 Hz Legend in spatial audio, twenty years after its original release. Sound engineer Bruce Keen did meticulous work to provide a detailed mix of vocals and instruments (harp, drums, guitar, bass, piano and harmonica).

Want to extend your listening session? Son-Vidé shares the Top 10 Spatial Audio songs to listen to on Apple Music. playlists

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