Klipsch and Resonado announce partnership


The famous American brand Klipsch, a major player in hi-fi and home theater, and the young brand Resonado have announced their partnership to develop a new line of audio solutions. While no details have been released as to the exact type of speaker, the partnership aims to usher in a new era of audio with a lineup designed to combine rich sound with particularly deep bass and a sleek, compact design.

The two retailers have announced their intention to develop a “space-saving audio solution and offer a full acoustic range in a single box.” Resonado has developed the Res-Core technology for this very purpose. This new version of the conventional driver with a proprietary motor was designed to provide a powerful and accurate sound while maintaining a compact form factor.

Founded in 2017 and based in Chicago, Resonado Labs is an audio technology company taking a radical approach to innovation. The Res-Core technology developed by the brand, formerly Flat Core Speaker (FCS), is a new approach to traditional speaker design. By using a shape designed to overcome the physical limitations of standard drivers, Res-Core drivers deliver powerful sound with maximum efficiency. The diaphragm excursion is higher and the dynamic frequency range is wider, while maintaining a more compact size than ever before.

The drivers developed by Resonado are designed to offer maximum power in an ultra compact format.

For this purpose, an ultra-precise motor is combined with a flat voice coil suspended in between two parallel magnetic bars. The oval shape of the voice coil and diaphragm provides a large contact area for uniform force distribution. The entire engine is controlled by a high-performance suspension system that allows the transducer to maximize piston movement to push a massive amount of air for the deepest, cleanest bass possible.

The Res-Core driver consists of a motor associated with a flat voice coil suspended between two parallel magnetic bars. The voice coil and diaphragm have a large surface contact area for even force distribution and increased power.

Resonado’s Res-Core driver was developed to meet the demand for compact and powerful speaker transducers needed for ultra-thin soundbars and flat panel TVs. To learn more about ultra-thin soundbars, check out our guide: 10 thin soundbars that will fit under the TV.

As the guardian of sound, Klipsch is a hi-fi icon. True to the principles and philosophy of its founder Paul W. Klipsch, the American brand aims to reproduce all the power, detail and emotion of the live experience. This partnership with Resonado presents an opportunity to extend this philosophy to a new compact range.

Whether it’s a portable Bluetooth speaker, a soundbar, satellite speakers, or in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, the partnership between Klipsch and Resonado may well result in a new kind of speaker lineup that will shake up the competition.

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