Onkyo, Integra and Pioneer: high-end audio solutions set to make a comeback


Premium Audio Company has just announced the arrival of new Onkyo, Integra and Pioneer audio systems in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Leading audio and video equipment from these Japanese manufacturers will be available for purchase through its existing network of distributors and resellers. Hi-fi and home theater equipment should be in your hands by this fall!

Onkyo: installation
After the acquisition of the Onkyo, Integra and Pioneer brands, Premium Audio is now making them available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Premium Audio Company’s acquisition

In June 2021, Voxx International Corporation signed an agreement to purchase Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation for $30.8 million. Premium Audio Company, a subsidiary of Voxx International, partnered with Sharp. A licensing and distribution agreement with Pioneer Corporation was then concluded to allow the expansion of audio equipment internationally. The collaboration includes all intellectual property and product development. This ranges from engineering to sales, marketing and distribution of Onkyo’s home entertainment business.

Onkyo Integra and Pioneer
A licensing and distribution agreement with Pioneer Corporation has been signed to enable the sale of hi-fi and home theater equipment around the world.

Under the joint venture with the Japanese manufacturer Sharp, the latter has taken over the entire manufacture of these products. The range consists mainly of AV receivers and stereo hi-fi amplifiers, but also other hi-fi elements.

What Premium Audio Company has to say

Paul Jacobs, president and CEO of Premium Audio Company, said:

“Demand for Onkyo and Integra products has been very high and we expect this to intensify in the coming years. We have been working very closely with Sharp to ramp up production and have grown our business significantly since the acquisition was completed. We have big plans for Onkyo and the other brands sold through 11TC and as we build production and expand distribution, believe sales will more than double in the near-term.”

Premium Audio Company expects new innovations for Onkyo, Pioneer and Integra that will double sales in the near-term.

This new association of Japanese brands promises even more innovative, sophisticated and powerful electronics. Onkyo has already demonstrated its expertise with high quality models, such as the excellent Onkyo TX-RZ840 AV receiver that we reveiwed on the blog, or the compact Onkyo CS-375D hi-fi system.

Premium equipment from Pioneer has also passed through our test room, including the Pioneer UDP-LX800 4K UHD Blu-ray player or the Pioneer SC-LX904 AV receiver, which was a big hit.

About Premium Audio Company

Premium Audio Company: owned brands
Premium Audio Company is currently the owner of many legendary brands in the world of hi-fi such as Klipsch, Jamo, Magnat, Heco, Pioneer, Elite, Onkyo, Integra and Energy.

With the goal of providing enthusiasts with superior audio systems, Premium Audio Company was founded in 2020. The company defines itself as the provider of the most innovative and high-end audio solutions in the field of consumer technology. It consists of three subsidiaries, including the well-known brands Klipsch, Jamo, Mirage, ProMedia, Magnat, Heco, Mac Audio, Onkyo, Pioneer, Pioneer Elite, Integra, Teac and Esoteric.

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