TV C Seed N1: a giant folding screen


Looking for a unique television? Austrian company C Seed has unveiled one of the most daring models yet: the C Seed N1 TV, a giant foldable screen. Combining both aesthetics and performance, the new television available in 165 inches (419cm), 137 inches (348cm) and 103 inches (262cm) promises excellent picture quality. Once the movie or series is over, the screen folds up to become a real work of art with a minimalist, modern and avant-garde design.

The C Seed N1 TV is completely unique with its foldable design. Once folded, the screen is transformed into a true work of sculptural art.

C Seed N1: an extraordinary television

The C Seed N1 TV is the achievement of the Austrian company C Seed Entertainment Systems. Founded in 2009, the brand was created by two former Bang&Olufsen managers, Jakob Odgaard and Jorn Sterup. As a reminder, this Danish manufacturer specializes in the creation of hi-fi and home theater equipment with particularly refined designs. The brand’s catalog includes a wide range of equipment that combines performance and design. Among them, the B&O Beoplay A9 4th Gen, B&O Beosound Edge, B&O Beosound Balance and the Bang & Olufsen Beosound Stage soundbar stand out. Regarding TVs, it’s the Bang&Olufsen Beovision Harmony screen that stands out for its unique design with its floor stand and integrated speakers. The C Seed company specializes in the creation of non-standard televisions such as the N1 model, but also outdoor and marine devices.

Equipment by Bang & Olufsen
C Seed Entertainment Systems was founded in 2009 by two former Bang&Olufsen managers who offer a variety of devices that perfectly combine performance and aesthetics.

C Seed N1: integration made easy

All of C Seed’s expertise is apparent in this new XXL screen. The C Seed N1 TV comes in three sizes: 165 inches (419cm), 137 inches (348cm) and 103 inches (262cm). Despite their measuments, these giant screens fit easily into your home. To do this, they fold to become works of sculptural art. Unlike the previous model (C Seed M1), the N1 is very easy to install. Naturally, the borders where the screen folds become invisible thanks to C Seed’s patented Adaptive Gap Calibration feature.

With C Seed’s patented adaptive gap calibration, the C Seed N1 display delivers a consistent image with no panel boundaries.

The screen is also able to rotate 180 degrees to the left and right to face the viewer. Take advantage of this Lifestyle TV to watch your favorite series, but also to consult your social media on a big screen!

C Seed N1: 4K MicroLED

With artistic ambitions, but also technological prowess, the C Seed N1 features a 4K MicroLED display, with HDR10+ support. The coating applied to the surface of the screen ensures more intense blacks while maintaining very realistic colors without disturbing reflections.

The 4K UHD selection by Son-Vidé

C Seed combines cutting-edge technology with striking, avant-garde style. This screen rests on an elegant aerospace aluminum base. The latter provides an excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio.

Aluminum stand for the C-Seed N1 TV
The C Seed N1 TV rests on an attractive aerospace aluminum base that combines robustness and aesthetics.

Many of our clients collect art, all appreciate latest media technology, and all demand a visual quality that complies with highly refined interior design, be it classic, modern, or totally avantgarde. C SEED is proud to provide all that in one totally unique product that adds to the value of luxurious living spaces.” says Alexander Swatek, CEO of the Austrian company.

TV C-Seed N1: folding
The C Seed TV meets the requirements of a lifestyle TV with its optimal picture quality and a design that matches the various interiors.

As an added bonus, the C Seed N1 comes with two built-in speakers. The latter are powered by an amplification of 100 watts to complete the immersive audiovisual experience.

TV C-Seed N1: turned off
In addition to displaying 4K images, the C Seed N1 TV has a built-in speaker system (100 watts) in the base.

Today, design has an important place in the heart of interior design. This is why brands are constantly innovating to offer aesthetic and efficient equipment. The C Seed N1 achieves the feat of an invisible TV that transforms into a giant 165, 137 or 103 inch screen.

However, art has a price, and the C Seed N1 screen is marketed from €180,000 (about £150,000, $184,000, AU$270,000).

The rise of Lifestyle TVs

With a more contemporary design, Lifestyle TVs are becoming increasingly trendy. Renowned designers, an attractive frame, remote connections to avoid unsightly cables or an elegant tripod… The home theater sector merges with the world of art to create decorative objects ready to display art photos or famous paintings.

Just like the Samsung The Frame, lifestyle TVs fit perfectly into different interiors and even become real decorative pieces.

Lifestyle TVs are designed to fit in perfectly with your home decor and are usually created by renowned designers. Like Samsung’s Lifestyle TVs designed by Yves Béhar, the TV becomes an elegant picture frame. The frame of the Samsung The Frame TV can be changed according to your preferences and your interior design. Then, the screen displays the image of your choosing, but can also display of works of art from world-famous artists.

Samsung’s The Serif TVs are distinguished by a more assertive style with or without a tripod. These screens blend in with the decor like a work of art that enhances the images displayed. Its timeless and poetic look with a large frame makes the TV look elegant from any angle. Its iconic design was created by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, two famous French designers.

The design selection by Son-Vidé

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