A Pokémon version of the Mini Concept Aceman for Gamescom


The British company has unveiled its collaboration with Pokémon for its Mini Concept Aceman car. It was during the opening of Gamescom 2022, at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, that Mini unveiled its newest technological feat. Adorned with projectors, the Mini Concept Aceman is decked out in the colors of the famous Pokémon manga, anime and game. And since the car will be 100% electric, it is obviously Pikachu – or the Pokéball – that animates the vehicle.

Pokémon Projection
Mini caused a stir during the Gamescom thanks to its Mini Concept Aceman car with an iconic Pokémon design.

Mini Concept Aceman

Naturally, this collaboration makes us want to know more about this new car. Briefly introduced in early summer 2022, the full presentation of the Mini Concept Aceman will not take place until 2023. The vehicle is expected to hit the roads in 2024. This first electric SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) crossover, measuring 4.05 meters long, is specially designed to combine excellent driving comfort, a unique user experience and a design worthy of the British brand. Furthermore, the Mini Concept Aceman opts for a sustainable design with recycled materials, without chrome or leather for an eco-responsible approach.

“This concept car is the future of Mini. It’s a challenge to combine technological progress and a circular approach with bold urban styling. The Mini Concept Aceman is the starting point for a new adventure.”

Mini Concept Aceman
Available in 2024, the Mini Concept Aceman is intended to be environmentally friendly while offering a unique user experience.

A sensory journey

In the image of the brand, Mini presents a bold, daring vehicle. As soon as the door is opened, the driver enters the extraordinary world of the Mini Concept Aceman. Colour Burst technology delivers a multitude of sounds and colors that move through the cabin. In addition, a sensor-based animation can measure the distance betwwen the car and obstacles. Depending on your position, a beam of light appears and intensifies as your distance from the car decreases. The final touch? The front lights flash and a specific “Earcon” sound welcomes the driver.

Mini Concept Aceman: detail view
From the very first moment, the Mini Concept Aceman transports you into its playful world with different light and sound effects.

The vehicle is equipped with an elegant circular OLED display placed in the center of the dashboard. The latter is combined with various image projections that allow the dashboard to come to life. This creates a unique visual atmosphere. And for even greater immersion, the projection extends to the door panels.

Circular OLED display
Through various projections, the dashboard comes alive to match the image displayed on the central OLED screen.

Different modes

Of course, the interior of the Mini Concept Aceman can be personalized. There are three experience modes. First, the “custom” mode allows you to choose from a variety of background images. These are animated and then projected onto the dashboard. There are clouds, the sky, waves or the ripple of water reflected by the sun. In addition, specific sounds can accompany these images to enrich the experience a little more.

Interior of the Mini Concept Aceman
The Custom mode provides access to numerous images that can be projected onto the dashboard.

The Pop-up mode can then be selected to access a navigation mode. It promotes discovery by suggesting ideas for outings, and even allows you to choose a destination at random according to different categories such as: “restaurant”, “event” or “current trends”. Finally, the Intense mode is designed to be used when the car is stationary. A new display mode is activated, making the wait at red lights less tedious.

Mini Concept Aceman: the collaboration with Pokémon

The partnership between Mini (sponsor of the show) and Pokémon was one of the biggest surprises during the opening of this new edition of Gamescom. Pokémon takes center stage inside the car through the circular OLED screen with the help of the exclusive Experience Mode. Drivers can choose either Pikachu or the iconic Pokéball, ready to catch your favorite creatures. Then, thanks to animations projected onto the dashboard, the doors and the hood, the Pokémon universe takes over the new Mini. Experience Pikachu’s lightning attacks throughout the interior, and even on the ground when opening the door!

Mini Concept Aceman dashboard: Pokéball / Pikachu
With a Pikachu or Pokéball themed display, the fantasy world of Pokémon invades the new Mini Concept Aceman!

The icing on the cake, Mini offers the possibility to watch your movies outside like an open-air movie theater. The Pokémon Mini Concept Aceman incorporates a video projector in its front headlights. So you can watch every episode of the Pokémon animated series! According to the manufacturer, the car will be connected and people are wondering whether it will be possible to connect a console such as the Nintendo Switch.

The world of pocket monsters, especially Pikachu, was not chosen at random. As a master of electricity, Mini relies on this same energy for the creation of its future vehicles.

Packaging of the Mini Concept Aceman
At the Gamescom show, Mini unveiled the Mini Concept Aceman inside a giant toy car box.

“A major characteristic of MINI is the positive and future-oriented approach to individual mobility as well as the distinctive vehicle design. Gamification will play an increasingly important role in the MINI of the future and provide a unique experience for our customers. In cooperation with Pokémon, the shared joy of gaming brings together two iconic characters, who are a perfect match, with millions of fans. This is how we are reaching a whole new target group at Gamescom 2022 as an event for modern fandom, gaming and pop culture,” says Stefanie Wurst, Mini’s Managing Director.

With an all-new approach, the new Mini Aceman Concept has many more surprises to reveal. We can’t wait to know more about the technical characteristics of the vehicle as well as the projection technologies used, its connectivity and car audio system … To be continued.

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