Samsung at IFA 2022: new TVs, projectors and gaming displays


Samsung invested the CityCube of Berlin to show its expertise during IFA 2022. The brand chose to exhibit household appliances and a large smart home area, but above all magnificent TV, gaming and video projection stands. The opportunity for the Korean manufacturer to remind visitors of its position as world leader in the TV market, and much more…

Samsung at IFA 2022
Visitors flocked to the aisles of the Messe to discover the very best Samsung TVs.

Samsung Micro LED: the first consumer model soon?

A strong proponent of Micro LED, Samsung presented no fewer than four 4K displays using this technology at IFA 2022. This was mainly so the manufacturer could demonstrate its expertise in this field. The two 89″ models as well as the 101″ and 114″ models on the Korean giant’s stand were a success.

These demos were performed with several dozen Micro LED screens that were perfectly assembled, just like The Wall. It was impossible to see where the screens were connected: the image was perfectly uniform. Unfortunately, micro LED is still a very expensive technology reserved for businesses and very wealthy individuals…

We can’t wait for it to become more mainstream!

Samsung at IFA 2022: Neo QLED TVs at the forefront

Flagships of Samsung TV catalog, the Neo QLED 8K ranges were on display at IFA, notably the Samsung QE85QN900B. Its Quantum mini LED backlighting that peaks at 3000 nits offers superb contrast. Ideal for viewing The Rings of Power in the best conditions and enjoying the exclusive 8K content offered by Samsung.

Samsung Neo QLED
The Samsung QE85QN900B displays a very large image of 2.14m.

Samsung also took the opportunity to announce the arrival of a new reference 98″ (2.5m) reference set to hit the market in late 2022 or early 2023.

Samsung Neo QLED
The Samsung Neo QLED 98QN90A and its very large picture of almost 2.5m should soon have a successor.

Samsung also demonstrated its Q-Symphony acoustic technology that synchronizes the sound of the TV and the soundbar. This results in a particularly powerful and immersive sound, via HDMI or wireless, including Dolby Atmos. This technology had already impressed us during our review of the Samsung QE65QN800B television and the Samsung HW-Q990B soundbar.

Samsung Q-Symphony
Samsung’s Q-Symphony technology ensures that the TV’s speakers are perfectly synchronized with the soundbar’s drivers. So you can enjoy excellent immersion with movies and video games.

Samsung OLED S95B: the only QD OLED TV presented at IFA

In the absence of Sony at the show, Samsung was the only manufacturer to have 4K TVs with QD-OLED technology on display. Deep blacks, infinite contrast, intense colors and high brightness combine to display a sublime picture.

Samsung QD OLED TV
The Samsung QD-OLED S95B TVs make the most of OLED and Quantum Dot technology to display stunning images.

The Samsung QD-OLED S95B range currently has two references (55″/139cm and 65″/1645cm). It should quickly feature more models, as Samsung Display plans to produce 49″/124cm and 77″/195cm panels very soon.

Samsung QD OLED
QD-OLED technology allows the Korean manufacturer to offer very beautiful thin TVs with the Samsung QD-OLED S95B range.

Samsung Lifestyle: TV, soundbar and rotating stands

Initiator of the TV and electronics Lifestyle trend, Samsung presented many references with impressive designs at IFA. The Samsung The Serif range was present, as well as the Samsung The Frame collection: the TV that hangs on the wall like a painting.

Samsung The Serif
Designed by two famous French designers, the Bouroullec brothers, the Samsung The Serif is both a television and a beautiful decorative object.

The Korean manufacturer also presented a TV base and TV stand that were motorized, allowing you to view the TV in portrait or landscape format! These Samsung VG-ARAB22WMTXC, Samsung VG-ARAB43WMTXC and Samsung VG-ARAB22STDXC TV stands are designed for Samsung Neo QLED and The Frame TVs.

Samsung The Frame on swivel stand
The Samsung VG-ARAB22STDXC rotating TV base is compatible with The Frame and Neo QLED TVs from 43″ to 55″.
Samsung Neo QLED on swivel wall mount
The Samsung VG-ARAB22WMTXC and Samsung VG-ARAB43WMTXC rotating TV stands can accommodate a Samsung Neo QLED or Samsung The Frame TV (from 43″ to 65″).

Ideal to accompany the Samsung The Frame TVs, the ultra-thin Samsung HW-S801B soundbar was also an eye-catcher. This 330 watt 3.1.2 channel model is very discreet when mounted on the wall. This soundbar comes with a very compact wireless subwoofer. It supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X tracks and connects easily to the TV via HDMI eARC or wirelessly (Q-Symphony 2 technology).

The ultra thin Samsung HW-S801B soundbar, shown here with prototype finishes allowing you to customize and match it with the Samsung The Frame TVs.

One more model to add to the list of thin soundbars that will fit under the TV.

Samsung The Terrace: a TV for the outdoors!

Demonstrated at a dedicated booth, the Samsung QLED TV The Terrace allows you to watch matches and TV programs from the terrace or under a patio outside. Resistant to rain and UV rays as well as extreme temperatures, it can be left outside all year long. Three sizes appear in the manufacturer’s catalog: Samsung The Terrace 55″ (138cm), Samsung The Terrace 65″ (163cm) and Samsung The Terrace 75″ (189cm).

Samsung TV The Terrace
Do you dream of being able to watch matches from the comfort of your terrace? The Samsung The Terrace TV is designed to do just that!

Samsung at IFA 2022: ultra short throw Projectors and The Freestyle portable projector

Samsung also excels in video projection with the Samsung The Premiere LSP7T and Samsung The Premiere LSP9T ultra short-throw projectors. But it is the Samsung The Freestyle that attracted the most attention on the Korean manufacturer’s stand. This portable and tiltable 1080p HD projector was demonstrated in several settings. The opportunity for Samsung to show visitors its many possible uses.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector
The Samsung The Freestyle projector can be used at home, plugged into a power outlet to project movies and cartoons.
Samsung The Freestyle Projector
The Samsung The Freestyle projector can also be used wirelessly with its optional rechargeable battery (Samsung battery VG-FBB3BA sold separately). It then benefits from 3 hours of autonomy.
Samsung The Freestyle Projector
Three Samsung The Freestyle projectors mounted on a ceiling bracket projected an animation on a table. It was amazing!

Samsung Odyssey Ark: the ultimate gaming screen!

Samsung has been captivating gamers for years with its gaming screens. The Korean manufacturer had a nice surprise in store for gamers at IFA 2022. An incredible gaming display named Samsung Odyssey Ark. This curved (1000R) 55″ (139cm) model offers gamers unparalleled immersion.

ultimate Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming display
With its 1000R curvature, the Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming display offers exceptional immersion.

In addition, it can be rotated into Cockpit mode (portrait mode) to display multiple sources on top of each other simultaneously! This stunning 4K gaming display adopts Quantum Matrix mini LED technology for optimal HDR10+ display. Its refresh rate of 165Hz ensures a perfectly smooth image. As for its response time of only 1ms, it guarantees perfect responsiveness, without any latency.

In the gaming section, the very nice Samsung Odyssey Neo G950 49″ (124cm) screen was also on display at IFA. Its 1000R curvature matches the human field of view and its 240Hz refresh rate offers exceptional smoothness. AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and Nvidia G-Sync technologies promise seamless responsiveness. The HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort, USB and headphone ports ensure that you can play in the best possible conditions on PC and console.

Impressive in more ways than one, Samsung displayed the full extent of its expertise at IFA 2022. This will further strengthen its leading position in the consumer electronics market.

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