New LG Magnit 4K Micro LED display: the ultimate home theater experience?


LG Magnit 4K
With a diagonal of almost 3.5m, the LG Magnit 4K promises total immersion in a very large room or dedicated home theater.

LG Magnit 4K is the name of the Korean manufacturer’s brand new high-end residential screen. Samsung is no longer the only brand to offer a solution for displaying very large images with the Samsung The Wall Micro LED display. The LG Magnit 4K is a Micro LED screen with a diagonal of 136 inches, or 3.45 meters! This ensures an ultra-immersive visual experience in a (very) large living room as well as in a dedicated home theater. Provided you can afford it: announced at $300,000, the LG Magnit 4K is clearly not within everyone’s budget and is currently only intended for the American market… It’s also a shame that this screen is not in 8K!

LG Magnit 4K: giant luxury screen

“With its groundbreaking performance, LG MAGNIT 4K 136-inch is a luxury residential display offering viewers the cutting-edge color, clarity and contrast of LG’s Micro LED combined with Alpha 9 AI-enhanced processing designed to present movies, TV shows or pieces of digital art optimally,” said Michael Kosla, vice president of LG Electronics USA. “Today’s discerning homeowners expect an increasingly high level of technological sophistication, and LG MAGNIT 4K 136-inch delivers.”

LG Magnit 4K
Whether in a large living room or a dedicated home theater, the LG Magnit 4K offers an unparalleled visual spectacle.

To enjoy the LG Magnit 4K in the best conditions, however, you will need to have enough space. Such a large image size in 4K ideally requires that viewers are seated at a distance of 4 to 5 meters from the screen.

How far away should you sit from the screen?

LG Magnit 4K: Micro LED, 2000 nits, high contrast

Micro LED technology should not be confused with mini-LED technology. The first is a revolutionary display technology that is similar to OLED. The second is a backlighting mode used in LCD TVs (see the article Mini LED / Micro LED: what are the differences?).

The giant LG Magnit 4K screen adapts to all home environments: home theater, multimedia room, living room. Its brightness announced at 2,000 nits ensures excellent performance and visibility. Even in rooms with a lot of ambient light, the image should remain legible and well contrasted.

Micro LED technology also offers wide viewing angles. Viewers do not need to positionned exactly opposite the screen to enjoy the best image quality.

LG Magnit 4K
High contrast and brightness, very wide viewing angles: the LG Magnit 4K guarantees a beautiful image for all viewers, even those seated to the sides.

In addition, Micro LED technology does not require any backlighting to operate. Each micro LED produces its own light, just like OLED technology. It is therefore much less energy consuming than LED LCD and QLED technologies, for the same screen size. Micro LEDs are also more efficient than OLEDs, which is an advantage for displaying HDR programs. Like OLED TVs, Micro LED TVs offer an infinite contrast ratio (they turn off completely to produce black). The LG Magnit 4K screen promises very high contrast and vibrant colors.

Understanding LED, OLED and Micro LED TV technologies

LG Magnit 4K: webOS, Alpha 9 AI, AirPlay 2, Miracast

Although it lacks a TV tuner, the LG Magnit 4K integrates webOS, LG’s proprietary operating system. It can therefore access the most popular streaming services such as Netflix, Apple TV+, Prime Video and Disney+.

The AirPlay 2 and Miracast protocols allow for wireless streaming of content from any compatible device. So you can enjoy your photos and videos in excellent conditions.

Thanks to webOS, the huge LG Magnit 4K micro LED screen can access Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and Apple TV+.

This very large LG Magnit 4K Micro LED display features Alpha 9 AI video processing with artificial intelligence. It reduces image noise and optimizes saturation and contrast according to the light conditions in the room. This video processor also improves the clarity and readability of faces and text on the screen. An ambient light sensor adjusts brightness and tone mapping to provide optimal image quality in varying lighting conditions.

LG Magnit 4K: Art Mode and giant photo frame

A giant screen in the living room is a great experience for watching movies and series. But when it is turned off, all that remains is a large black rectangle on the wall that isn’t particulalry pleasant to look at.

The LG Magnit 4K therefore benefits from a dedicated mobile app allowing the display of digital artwork on the screen. The app also makes it easy to create a collage of personal photos that can be adjusted as desired. Ideal to personalize the room decor.

LG Magnit 4K: HDMI 4K 120Hz

LG Magnit 4K
The LG Magnit 4K’s 120Hz display technology ensures a perfectly smooth picture on sports events and action scenes in movies and series.

The LG Magnit 4K screen has a similar range of connectors to the OLED and LED TVs of the Korean manufacturer. There are four HDMI inputs compatible with 4K 120Hz, an Ethernet network socket, an optical digital audio output, two USB ports and an RS232C port. The 120Hz display frequency of the screen also ensures smooth playback of moving images. It’s ideal for sports content, action movies and series, as well as video games.

How to fully enjoy your video games

LG Magnit 4K: which audio system?

LG Magnit 4K
LG has partnered with Bang & Olufsen to deliver an ultra-high-end audio system to match the picture quality of the LG Magnit 4K.

LG’s new Micro LED display is a premium product available exclusively in the US. Its image quality and its price positioning require an equally impressive audio section. LG therefore collaborated with Bang & Olufsen to offer the Beolab 90 speaker as a reference audio system with the LG Magnit 4K display.

Michael Kosla said, “When paired with Beolab 90, LG MAGNIT delivers one of the most incredible home cinema experiences ever imagined.”

Of course, this LG Magnit 4K screen can also be combined with an A/V receiver or accompanied by a pack of multi-channel speakers.

LG Magnit 4K: what alternatives?

As attractive as it is, this giant LG Magnit 4K screen is not the only solution for enjoying a great picture at home. For six times less, you can opt for a Sony SXRD or JVC D-ILA ultra high-end 4K projector. 4K Laser projectors like the Sony VPL-VW890ES (€24,999) and the JVC DLA-NZ9 (€25,999) will give you a superb 4K HDR image measuring up to 7 meters! They are perfect for a high-end private cinema.

Sony SXRD projectors

More affordable, the high-end JVC DLA-NP5 and Sony VPL-XW5000 projectors can be installed in the living room or in a home theater.

If you’re looking for simplicity, an ultra-short-throw projector is the obvious choice. Simply install it at the foot of the wall or, better still, of an ultra-short throw projection screen to enjoy a very large image in a few moments. The majority of projector manufacturers feature these models in their catalog. Whether you choose the Optoma CinemaX P2, the Samsung The Premiere LSP7T or the LG HU715QW, you’ll enjoy great picture quality and all the features of a TV, minus the clutter.

The LG Magnit 4K micro LED display is attractive in more ways than one, and it likely heralds the arrival of more large TVs in the future. However, Micro LED technology will have to be priced more competitively if it is to become more widely available. Without this, it is hard to see how it could compete with the ever more appealing 4K projectors, QLED TVs and OLED TVs, which are getting bigger year after year…

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