Connected hi-fi at the 2022 Paris Audio Video Show


Last weekend, the Paris Audio Video Show 2022 opened its doors at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. An exceptional edition that underlined the growing interest in connected hi-fi equipment, streaming and multi-room connectivity. Here are the latest industry innovations and new connected devices that were on display on November 5 and 6 2022.


This year, the Paris Audio Video Show celebrated the 50th anniversary of specialist NAD, who presented the NAD C3050 LE, an amplifier released in a limited edition of 1972 units in reference to the year the brand was created. This amp cleverly combines vintage design and modern technology with 2 x 100 watts of digital amplification, an acoustic calibration system and access to streaming services like Amazon Music, Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, Qobuz and HDTracks, as well as several Internet radio services like TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio, Calm Radio and Radio Paradise. The other connected models of the British manufacturer such as the NAD M10 V2 and NAD C700 were also on disply at the brand’s two stands.

The new NAD C3050 LE amp designed to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary was on display at the Paris Audio Video Show 2022.

Advance Paris

The French company Advance Paris proudly displayed its new connected amplifier: theAdvance Paris My Connect 250. This hybrid model delivers up to 2 x 190 watts into 8 ohms. It is equipped with a CD player, FM/DAB tuner and numerous analog and digital inputs, including two HDMI inputs. It can play music shared over the local network (DLNA) at up to 32-bit/84kHz and DSD 5.6 MHz, or tracks streamed from many online music services such as Spotify, Qobuz, Deezer, Tidal and TuneIn. The French manufacturer also showed its other connected electronics, such as the Advance PlayStream A1 HDMI amp and the Advance WTX-Stream Tubes network player.

The new Advance Paris My Connect 250 and Advance PlayStream A1 HDMI hybrid connected amplifiers were on display at the stand of the French manufacturer.


Another French company, Cabasse revealed the new Cabasse Rialto connected speakers to the public. The latter are equipped with a coaxial driver and a large 6.7″ woofer. This connected speaker is perfect for streaming thanks to WiFi, DLNA, AirPlay 2, Roon and Bluetooth compatibility and can access many online music services including Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify and Deezer. Possibilities also offered by The Pearl range that was also demoed at the show (Cabasse The Pearl Akoya, Cabasse The Pearl Keshi 2.1 System and Cabasse The Pearl).

The Breton manufacturer also took advantage of the show to give exceptional demonstrations of its new connected amp: the Cabasse Abyss. Unveiled at the show, this connected amplifier of 2 x 120W into 8 ohms is ultra versatile thanks to its ability to receive music via Bluetooth, to play tracks via DLNA and to access many streaming services. With its analog and digital inputs, the Cabasse Abyss amplifier can also be paired with many sources, including a TV thanks to the HDMI eARC input.

Cabasse took advantage of the show to unveil its new connected amp: the Cabasse Abyss.


Connected hi-fi is definitely on the rise among the biggest French brands, as Elipson showed with its wide range of multi-room equipment. Visitors could admire the sumptuous Elipson W35+ circular connected speaker, the Elipson Connect 250 and Elipson Music Center Connect HD WiFi/Bluetooth amplifiers, and the new Elipson WM Multiroom network player. All of these devices can play DLNA tracks, access streaming services and operate in multi-room configurations to enjoy music throughout the house.

Elipson’s multi-room and connected range was featured at the Paris Audio Video Show 2022.


Multi-room and streaming were also highlighted at the Bluesound booth, where visitors discovered the brand new Bluesound Powernode Edge connected amp. It is a lighter version of the Bluesound Powernode (2021), also present at the show. It has many of the same features as its predecessor. There is a Bluetooth apt-X HD receiver, access to the most popular streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz, as well as AirPlay 2. The manufacturer also allowed show-goers to discover or rediscover the excellent Bluesound Node (2021) network player, as well as its range of connected speakers including the Bluesound Pulse Mini 2i and Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i.

The multi-room specialist Bluesound allows you to discover its various connected speakers, WiFi amplifiers and network players.


Like during previous editions of the PAVS, British manufacturer KEF attracted a lot of attention with its KEF LSX Wireless, KEF LSX Wireless 2 and KEF LS50 Wireless 2 connected speakers. This year, the brand is hit even harder with the demonstration of the KEF LS60 Wireless, its first connected floorstanding speakers. These models all have a 12th-generation Uni-Q driver and countless streaming options.


The French Hi-Res streaming specialist Qobuz was also present to explain and demonstrate the possibilities offered by its streaming service. The platform allows you to listen to your favorite tracks in Hi-Res on a wide range of headphones, including the new Focal Bathys.

Visitors could discover the advantages of Qobuz with a wide range of hi-fi and Bluetooth headphones.


In just a few years, Roon has established itself as the most comprehensive software for home music sharing. The brand offers a simple and complete solution for indexing and streaming Hi-Res audio files shared over the local network or stored on a computer. The brand welcomed visitors to its stand during the show to answer questions and demonstrate the possibilities offered by the software. Roon is also present through the very wide range of compatible connected equipment, including models from Cambridge Audio, Melco and Naim.


Connected speaker king Devialet was also present at the show with the very powerful Devialet Phantom II 95 dB, Devialet Phantom II 98 dB, Devialet Phantom I 103 dB and Devialet Phantom I 108 dB. Like every year, they impressed with their ability to produce deep, powerful bass in a compact package. The year 2022 also marks the French manufacturer’s entry into the world of soundbars with the prestigious Devialet Dione (read the review of the Devialet Dione).

The king of bass Devialet had the structure of its Devialet Phantom speaker on display to demonstrate all the brand’s engineering.


If there was a prize for the most beautiful stand, the Japanese manufacturer Yamaha would certainly have had a chance of winning. The brand managed to completely recreate a Japanese neighborhood to fully immerse visitors. For this edition, the manufacturer presented a preview of the new Yamaha YH-5000SE headphones, but also its latest connected amp: the Yamaha NS-2000A. The flagship of the Yamaha RN-2000A range of connected amplifiers is a 2×100W model. It features full connectivity with analog and digital inputs, including a USB-B port and an HDMI eARC input. MusicCast and AirPlay 2 technologies provide access to streaming services and shared music in DLNA. Finally, YPAO acoustic calibration ensures optimal sound reproduction in any room.

The flagship of the Japanese manufacturer’s connected amp lineup, the Yamaha NS-2000A offers numerous streaming options thanks to MusicCast and AirPlay 2 technologies.

The Paris Audio Video Show 2022 featured many other discoveries, with the best DAPs, network players, connected speakers and WiFi/Bluetooth amplifiers on display at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

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