BMW vehicles have video games on their dashboards!


Want to enjoy your favorite video games in your car during traffic jams instead of listening to the radio? This is what BMW is about to offer its drivers! After a collaboration with Bowers & Wilkins, the German carmaker is teaming up with AirConsole to integrate video games into its vehicles’ dashboards.

BMW will integrate video games into its dashboard by 2023.
Cloud gaming specialist AirConsole turns your smartphone into a controller to enjoy a game on the dashboard of BMW vehicles.

The German company will integrate Over The Air (OTA) technology in vehicles equipped with a Curved Display screen, such as the iX electric SUV or the i4 sedan, from 2023 onwards, allowing access to a catalog of video games. While the manufacturer has not yet announced the exact number of games available, we already know that the catalog should include more than 150 titles (karting, arcade, quizzes). To top it all off, set-up will be very simple.

Once downloaded, the games will be integrated into the ConnectedDrive OS 8.0 system. Gamers simply have to flash a QR code to turn their smartphone into a controller and enjoy a gaming session on the vehicle’s dashboard. Alone or with others, the games will initially only be accessible when the car is stationary. However, BMW has announced that it is considering the possibility of letting passengers play when the car is on the go thanks to the Theatre Screen mode. Like Tesla, which offers access to Sonic the Hedgehog, the German manufacturer is betting on video games for its vehicles.

The dashboard becomes a video game screen and the smartphone a controller!
A catalog of over150 games will be available by 2023 for BMW vehicles equipped with a Curved Display. It’s a great way to pass the time during short breaks.

Through this new partnership with AirConsole, the famous German manufacturer seeks to make short traffic jams more pleasant and fun. This installation is intended for short and spontaneous sessions. You’ll no longer be board when the driver stops to get gas or to make a quick purchase. After appearing in movie theaters, video games are now inviting themselves to car dashboards!

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