Paris Audio Video Show 2022: the latest speakers


The Paris Audio Video Show opened its doors to the public last weekend at the prestigious Palais des Congrès. Over the years, this show has become a staple event for hi-fi and home theater enthusiasts. For two days, audio and video lovers flocked to the booths and listening rooms to witness exceptional demos. There are almost as many reasons to attend the 2022 PAVS as there are exhibitors! Discover the main 2022 releases that were admired by many enthusiasts. Among them, Elipson unveiled its new Horus range, while Focal unveiled the brand-new Vestia series.

Elipson Horus

French brand Elipson took advantage of the show to present its new Horus range for the first time. This new range of four models impressed with its compact design. The Elipson Horus 11F floorstanding speaker is a 2.5-way model. It is the largest of the range. It has a bass-reflex enclosure and is equipped with two 5″ midbass drivers as well as a 1″ silk and neodymium dome tweeter. This floorstanding speaker impressed visitors both with its power (120W RMS) and its compact size. It is 17.5cm wide, 25cm deep and 87.5cm high.

Visitors to the Paris Audio Video Show 2022 could listen to the Elipson Horus 11F floorstanding speakers for the first time.

The Elipson Horus 6B bookshelf speaker is also part of the new range developed by Elipson. This 2-way model has an output power of 70W RMS. The Elipson Horus 6B bookshelf speaker has a cellulose pulp midbass driver and a tweeter identical to the one found on its big sister, the Elipson Horus 11F.

The Elipson Horus 10C center speaker (2-way) presents a power of 100W RMS. It also has a bass-reflex enclosure, with a laminar front-firing port, and includes the same drivers as the Elipson Horus 11F, that is to say two midbass drivers and a tweeter. Finally, the Elipson Horus 8S active subwoofer is equipped with a 20 cm diameter speaker with a rigid cellulose pulp membrane and a 7.8″ “Down Firing” passive woofer powered by a 150W RMS amplifier.

Focal Vestia series preview

Spearheading acoustic innovation, the French manufacturer had a nice surprise in store for visitors to the 2022 Paris Audio Video Show. Focal presented its future Vestia range. The latter should be available early next year. In the meantime, hi-fi lovers were able to appreciate the refined aesthetics of the models on display: Focal Vestia 1, Focal Vestia 2, Focal Vestia 3 and Focal Vestia 4. The range includes a bookshelf model, the Focal Vestia 1, and three floorstanding speakers. They can then be used in a stereo or multichannel system, as front, center and surround speakers.

Models from KEF, Bowers & Wilkins and Klipsch

Other brands weren’t not left out. Bowers & Wilkins presented its latest B&W 700 S3 range. The 700 S3 speakers offer an extensive and precise restitution, as well as a very beautiful spatialization which delighted audiophiles. For its part, KEF presented its new architectural speakers with the KEF Ci250RRM-THX 3-way model with MAT technology and the KEF Ci250RRb-THX in-wall subwoofer. The British manufacturer also had its Blade One META and Blade Two META ranges on display at the Paris Audio Video Show. An original design with lateral drivers and a rounded cabinet that make these column speakers real decorative accessories in addition to exceptional acoustic performers!

In addition, Klipsch showed off its Klipsch Reference Premiere line. Among the unmissable speakers of the American brand were the Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-8000F II floorstanding speakers. They are equally at home in a hi-fi or home theater system. Also present, the Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-404C II center speaker which delivers an incredibly well-controlled dialogue reproduction.

Exceptional models

Lastyl, a few iconic speakers cpuld be heard in the various booths lining the aisles of PAVS 2022. Among them were the Klipsch Jubilee floorstanding speakers in demonstration with a turntable! The imposing speaker attracted curious spectators to the American manufacturer’s stand. Many visitors sat in front of two Klipsch Jubilee speakers throughout the day to listen to these devices provide powerful and realistic bass.

The Klipsch listening room was packed to the rafters, giving visitors the chance to experience the incredible performance of the Klipsch Jubilee floorstanding speakers.

Another exceptional speaker was the Wilson Audio Alexia V. Massive (more than 130cm high, 40cm wide and 60cm deep), which also attracted many visitors throughout the show. This incredible piece of technology, composed of 4 drivers and with a sensitivity of 90 dB, was a must-see for audiophiles who wanted to discover legendary speakers.

The Paris Audio Video Show 2022 also presented the best DAPs, connected speakers and WiFi / Bluetooth amplifiers at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. You can also watch the highlights of the weekend on our YouTube channel!

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