Devialet Mania 95 dB: powerful bass and 360° sound


Mis à jour le 10 March 2023.

The Devialet Mania 95 dB, first portable model from the connected speaker specialist, promises powerful 360° stereo sound and ultra-deep bass reaching 30Hz. Available for €790, the Devialet Mania speaker stands out as the brand’s most affordable and complete model. WiFi, Bluetooth and AirPlay 2 compatible and capable of being used both indoors and in the garden, the Devialet Mania 95 dB aims to be a true all-rounder.

The Devialet Mania 95 dB is the French manufacturer’s first portable speaker and promises powerful bass in an ultra-compact format.

Devialet Mania 95 dB: packaging & accessories 

The packaging of the Devialet Mania 95 dB portable speaker is very elegant. The psychedelic patterns highlight the futuristic aspect of the speaker. Inside, the Devialet Mania 95 dB is securely held in place and protected by a fabric pouch decorated with the brand’s name. The Opéra de Paris version of the Devialet Mania also comes with the Devialet Mania Charging Station.

Devialet Mania 95 dB: presentation


French manufacturer Devialet clearly wants to be present in every branch of the audio market. After making a name for itself with hi-fi amplifiers, connected speakers, True Wireless earbuds and, more recently, soundbars with the Devialet Dione, the brand now wants to revolutionize the high-end portable speaker market with the new Mania 95 dB. Like the brand’s previous creations, the Devialet Mania speaker looks to be a design and technological feat. Very well designed, it has a futuristic round shape. It combines fabric grilles and a polymer chassis to ensure both robustness and elegance, and is reminiscent of the transport cases for the brand’s Phantom models. On either side is a high excursion driver. The way the latter are positioned reminds us of the Phantom I and Phantom II speakers.

The Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker is eye-catching with its futuristic round silhouette.

This Devialet sphere is equipped with a rigid polymer belt, the top of which serves as a handle. However, this handle doesn’t leave much space for your hand and can be difficult to hold properly. The 2.3kg weight of the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker is then very noticeable. This speaker is supposed to be portable, but it can only really be carried short distances: from one room to another, onto the patio or into the garden, for example. For longer trips, it is best to put the speaker in a backpack.

The built-in handle allows you to carry the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker from one room to another or into the garden.

The different elements that make up the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker are very carefully assembled. The speaker is certified IPX4, meaning it is resistant to humidity. However, you should still protect it from splashes, especially if it is used next to a pool or in a bathroom.

Thanks to its IPX4 certification, the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker is resistant to humidity, allowing it to be used outside.

Acoustic design

The Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker wants to stand out from competitors with its more complex acoustic configuration that promises higher sound quality. To do this, it features six drivers, four of which are full-range models positioned on the top of the speaker to reproduce stereo effects. This architecture makes it possible to achieve an unprecedented cross-stereo reproduction for 360-degree sound distribution. To provide the brand’s characteristic powerful bass, a woofer capable of reaching 30Hz is built into either side of the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker. Just like the models that equip the manufacturer’s previous connected speakers, the cones come alive to the rhythm of the music. Mesmerizing!

To provide a cross-stereo sound, the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker is equipped with four full-range drivers and two woofers.

Each driver of the Devialet Mania 95 dB has its own amplification module, expertly calibrated according to the characteristics of the associated cone. Consequently, there are four 25-watt amplifiers for the full-range drivers and two 38-watt modules for the woofers. This configuration allows the Devialet Mania speaker to reach a total power output of 176 watts and a sound level of 95 dB. Perfect for enjoying your music in a large room or outdoors. 

In order to achieve the best possible performance with each driver, the amplification modules of the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker use the SAM technology introduced with the brand’s most prestigious amplifiers, such as the Devialet Expert 250 Pro and Devialet Expert 1000 Pro Dual. This technology automatically adapts the audio signal to the drivers’ characteristics, maximizing the power handling. This means that the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker can play very loud with limited distortion.

SAM technology ensures that each of the Devialet Mania 95 dB’s components work together harmoniously to improve power handling.

Adaptive stereo sound

The Devialet Mania 95 dB portable speaker has the ability to produce adaptive stereo sound. In more concrete terms, this means that the speaker can adapt its sound signature depending on its position in the room. When it is placed in an open space, such as the center of a living room, the Devialet Mania boasts 360° stereo sound for a uniform distribution throughout the room. This feature is even more effective when the speaker is placed lower than the listener’s ear.

Placed in the center of a room, the Devialet Mania 95 dB promises 360° sound.

When the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker is placed next to a wall, it modifies its sound using the two front-firing drivers for stereo and the two rear drivers to extend the soundstage. These two modes are automatically activated thanks to the ASC (Automatic Stereo Calibration) system that calculates the position of the speaker in the room. An accelerometer detects when the user moves the speaker, prompting a new calibration procedure. This is done seamlessly, without disrupting playback.

When placed against a wall, the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker uses its rear drivers to extend the soundstage.

WiFi and Bluetooth 

As it is portable, the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 controller so you can easily stream music outdoors or with a device that isn’t connected to the local network. However, it is disappointing that Devialet has omitted HD codecs such as aptX HD and LDAC. Only SBC and AAC are supported.

When out of range of a WiFi network, the Devialet Mania 95 dB portable speaker can still receive music via Bluetooth.

The Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker becomes even more versatile when connected to a WiFi network. It is then possible to stream music via AirPlay 2 from an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Android and Windows users are limited to Bluetooth. However, the Devialet app for iOS and Android allows you to enjoy many streaming services, such as Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal and Deezer, as well as many web radios. Thanks to its compatibility with Audirvana, the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker can also play tracks shared over the local network.


The Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker features a physical control interface on either side of the handle. This interface allows you to wake up the speaker from standby mode, activate Bluetooth pairing, adjust the volume, pause the music and check the charging status. The Devialet iOS and Android mobile app offers a few more settings, including a two band equalizer (lows and highs), a voice mode and the activation/deactivation of adaptive stereo. However, it is a shame that the speaker cannot be turned on directly from the app. This can only be done using the button on the speaker.

The Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker has a physical control interface with six buttons.

The Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker can also be controlled vocally thanks to the integration of Amazon Alexa. The speaker’s many microphones ensure excellent voice pickup, even when it is far away.

Battery or mains

The Devialet Mania 95 dB portable speaker can be powered from the mains using its included USB-C to USB-C adapter, or using the Devialet Mania Charging Station. It is a shame that the latter isn’t available as an option, except with the premium Devialet Mania 95 dB Opéra de Paris version. To follow you from room to room and play music outside, the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker also has its own rechargeable battery. The brand states that the latter has an autonomy of 10 hours. However, this can drop drastically depending on the volume, especially when the speaker is connected via WiFi, which consumes more energy than Bluetooth.

Devialet Mania 95 dB: key specifications

  • 360° sound
  • Total output power of 176 watts
  • 6 drivers (2 for the lows)
  • Adaptive stereo mode
  • Bluetooth and WiFi
  • AirPlay 2 compatible
  • Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz and Tidal
  • 10 hour battery life
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 176 x 193 x 139mm
  • Weight: 2.3kg

Devialet Mania 95 dB: configuration

While the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker can be used with Bluetooth, a WiFi connection is necessary when you first set it up. This is done in the Devialet mobile app, which guides you through the process. You are prompted to name the speaker if you want and connect it to the WiFi network. The Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker is then fully operational.

When connected to a WiFi network, the Devialet Mania 95 dB can be quickly set up using the Devialet mobile app.

Devialet Mania 95 dB: listening impressions

Straight away, we saw that this speaker remains true to the brand’s leitmotif: deep bass in a compact format. As promised by Devialet, the size-to-performance ratio was unparalleled. The bass was tight, punchy and generous, even at low volume. The high-excursion cones moved a large amount of air, resulting in pronounced bass. The music played by the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker had a lot of substance and a beautiful energy. The rhythm was delivered with aplomb, vitality and undeniable strength. Surprisingly, the lows remained remarkably powerful outdoors and continued to punctuate the music with the same efficiency.

The double woofer allowed the Devialet Mania speaker to produce ultra-powerful and generous bass.

Placed in the center of the room, the Devialet Mania 95 dB provided a 360° reproduction. However, it couldn’t really be considered stereo sound. We noticed the left and right channel separation, but the soundstage was narrower than with a pair of speakers. Nevertheless, the improvement was considerable compared to a simple mono model. However, the position of the Devialet Mania 95 dB had a significant impact on how the sound was perceived. When the woofers were facing the listener, the bass was powerful, to the detriment of the other frequencies. To achieve the most balanced sound, the speaker had to be facing us (with the woofers to the left and right) and positioned lower than the listener. While the Devialet Mania 95dB was capable of delivering 360° sound when placed in the center of the room, the sound was far from uniform for all listeners. In addition, vocals lacked presence and conviction.

The calibration system automatically adjusted the reproduction as soon as the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker was moved. When it was installed close to a wall, the bass became even more intense and powerful. It was almost as if the speaker was accompanied by a small subwoofer! However, the soundstage still lacked width, and the effects remained centered around the speaker. This is not critical, but once again, it is necessary to carefully position the speaker to achieve the best performance. Placing the speaker close to a wall also had the effect of reinforcing the presence of voices, which were clearer and stood out more effectively. That said, the keenest ears will still notice a slight lack of mid frequencies.

Placed next to a wall, the Devialet Mania speaker delivered even more powerful and evenly distributed bass.

With its 176 watts, the Devialet Mania 95 dB is certainly the most powerful model in its category. It can reach a very high volume, even in large rooms or outdoors. This Devialet speaker knows how to set the mood and enliven parties. The sound remained precise when turning the volume up high. Some tracks were a little excessive, but globally, the sound was well controlled. It should be noted that the speaker lowers the bass level slightly when the volume is high to reduce distortion.

The Devialet Mania 95 dB’s high output of 176 watts ensures that the speaker can reach high listening volumes, even outside and in large rooms.

Devialet Mania vs Devialet Phantom II 95 dB 

You may wonder if, for €300 more, it is worth opting for the Devialet Phantom II 95 dB speaker. For home use, there are several advantages. The Phantom II 95 dB goes much further in terms of sonic analysis, with even more powerful bass, crystal clear highs and a stronger midrange. The sound is generally more balanced, sophisticated and precise. However, the Phantom II 95 dB needs to be connected to the mains and can’t be taken outside or easily moved from one room to another. Therefore, the Devialet Mania 95 dB is more suitable for multipurpose use.

Designed to be used at home, the Devialet Phantom II 95 dB speaker (right) provides a more sophisticated sound with even more bass, clearer highs and richer mids.

Devialet Mania vs Sonos Move 

Available for €399, the Sonos Move is the Devialet Mania 95 dB’s main rival. It works outdoors via Bluetooth and indoors with WiFi. Connected to a network, it is even easier to use thanks to the excellent Sonos app. The latter provides access to more streaming services. It also benefits from the TruePlay calibration system that lets you adjust the reproduction according to the acoustic characteristics of the speaker’s environment. Soundwise, the Sonos Move is very generous in the lows, but cannot compete with the intensity of the Devialet Mania in this frequency range. More expensive, the French speaker is also more powerful and energetic.

Devialet Mania 95 dB: who is it for?

The Devialet Mania 95 dB is primarily intended for fans of design and beautiful objects. Installed in the center of a room, it attracts attention with its round shape that looks like it has come straight out of a sci-fi movie. Also impressive when in use, its drivers move to the rhythm of the music. This portable speaker will appeal to bass-heads that enjoy impactful, powerful lows.

The Devialet Mania 95 dB portable speaker is a great choice for those who love great design and powerful bass.

Devialet Mania 95 dB: conclusion 

Although the Devialet Mania 95 dB still has a few teething problems, it impresses with its ability to produce an unprecedented level of bass for a compact portable speaker. The lows are truly phenomenal. They are delivered with energy, intensity and impact. The Devialet Mania’s output power is also remarkable and is a huge advantage when listening to music at high volume in any room of the home and during parties with friends. Versatility as at the heart of this Devialet speaker, which is suitable for both WiFi music playback indoors and Bluetooth streaming outdoors. However, the adaptive stereo isn’t as conclusive as the sound remains centered around the speaker.

We liked:

  • The futuristic design
  • The intensity of the bass
  • The output power

We would have liked:

  • A more pronounced stereo effect
  • More natural vocals
  • A more ergonomic handle

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