Devialet Mania: Devialet’s first portable speaker


Connected speaker specialist Devialet is now entering the world of portable speakers with the new Devialet Mania. For this first portable model, the manufacturer delivers an ultra-versatile speaker that can be used in Bluetooth or WiFi and be powered by the mains or via the integrated battery offering up to 10 hours of autonomy. Like the brand’s previous creations, the Devialet Mania promises ultra-powerful bass and is packed with technology to deliver 360-degree stereo sound that automatically adapts to your room.

Devialet Mania: WiFi and Bluetooth

Like the best models on the market such as the SONOS Roam, SONOS Move, Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level and Escape P6 Air, the new Devialet Mania portable speaker can be used with Bluetooth and WiFi. Its Bluetooth module makes it easy to stream music outdoors or with equipment that isn’t connected to the home network. At home, the Devialet Mania speaker gains in versatility when connected to WiFi. It becomes possible to stream music via AirPlay 2, access Spotify Connect and enjoy voice control with Amazon Alexa.

Very versatile, the Devialet Mania speaker can receive all your music via Bluetooth and WiFi.

Devialet Mania: powerful bass

Like all the speakers of the French manufacturer, the new Devialet Mania promises powerful and generous bass, with an incomparable size/performance ratio. To do this, the Devialet Mania uses six drivers, including four full-range models positioned in each corner of the speaker to provide 360-degree sound. These drivers are complemented by two long-throw woofers to provide powerful bass down to 30Hz. A feat for a portable speaker!

Thanks to its exclusive drivers, the Devialet Mania speaker is capable of delivering ultra powerful bass down to 30Hz.

Each driver of the Devialet Mania speaker is associated with its own class D amplifier module. The latter benefit from the SAM technology introduced on the brand’s most prestigious amplifiers, such as the Devialet Expert 250 Pro and Devialet Expert 1000 Pro Dual. It automatically adapts the audio signal to the characteristics of the speaker to maximize the power handling.

Devialet Mania: adaptive sound

The Devialet Mania promises to always offer the best performance thanks to its ability to produce stereo sound that adapts to the speaker’s position in the room. To do this, it uses microphones coupled with ASC (Active Stereo Calibration) technology to automatically detect its location. When placed in the center of a room, the Devialet Mania 95 dB speaker provides 360-degree stereo imaging to ensure a seamless listening experience. If placed near a wall, the Devialet Mania speaker automatically adjusts its reproduction to take advantage of the wall’s reflection to expand the soundstage.

The Devialet Mania 95 dB portable speaker uses an acoustic calibration system to automatically adapt its reproduction according to its location in the room.

Devialet Mania: 10 hours of autonomy

Without claiming to be as compact as the smallest models on the market, the Devialet Mania speaker can easily follow the user from one room to another in the house or into the garden thanks to its integrated handle. It can even be used by the pool, at the beach or in the bathroom thanks to its IPX4 certification that ensures a good resistance to humidity. To accompany you all day long, the Devialet Mania speaker integrates a rechargeable battery offering up to 10 hours of autonomy. At home, it is also possible to power the Devialet Mania speaker through its USB port or its optional Devialet Mania Charging station.

With its carrying handle, 10-hour battery life and IPX4 certification, the Devialet Mania speaker can follow you from room to room in the house, in the garden, and even by the pool.

For its first portable speaker, the French manufacturer offers a versatile model,that can be plugged into the mains or used with its battery. It allows you to listen to music via Bluetooth or WiFi and bring Devialet sound to the garden. A versatile model available in black or white at a price of €790.

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