Elipson Horus: Elipson’s expertise is now more affordable than ever


Presented last November at the 2022 PAVS, the new Elipson Horus speaker range is now officially launched and available for pre-order. This line constitutes the heart of the French specialist’s range and is positioned between the Elipson Prestige and Elipson Prestige Facet series. The Elipson Horus range promises unbeatable value for money for hi-fi and home theater.

Elipson Horus: the range at a glance

More than three decades after the first generation of the Horus range, the oldest French hi-fi brand renews this series with four new models: the Elipson Horus 6B bookshelf speaker, the Elipson Horus 11F floorstanding speaker, the Elipson Horus 10C center speaker and the Elipson Horus 8S subwoofer. For this new generation, the French specialist has refined the style, both aesthetically and acoustically. Elipson’s expertise is now more affordable than ever!

Elipson Horus 11F: the floorstanding speaker

The only floorstanding speaker in the range, the Elipson Horus 11F uses a 2.5-way design, with two 5″ midbass drivers. The cellulose pulp cone is surfaced with glass fibers. This structure, common to the entire range, provides greater rigidity and better control. The promise: a more accurate, distortion-free reproduction!

The Elipson Horus 11F floorstanding speaker introduces two new 5″ midbass drivers. Their cellulose pulp cone with a glass fiber surface provides an accurate and distortion-free reproduction.

The tweeter used for this new Elipson Horus 11F speaker is a 1″ silk dome model. It is particularly smooth and responsive thanks to its magnetic system that uses a neodymium magnet. This is the perfect way to respond instantly to music and soundtracks!

Thanks to the silk dome tweeter driven by a neodymium magnet, the Elipson Horus 11F floorstanding speaker promises smooth and accurate highs. A characteristic shared by the whole range!

Elipson Horus 6B: the bookshelf speaker

The Elipson Horus 6B bookshelf speaker is designed for both stereo hi-fi and multichannel use, as a front or surround speaker. It uses a 5″ driver, identical to that of the Elipson Horus 11F and other models in the range. The 1″ tweeter is also the same.

With a power of 70W RMS, the Elipson Horus 6B bookshelf speaker promises great performance in a compact format. It can be easily installed in the room thanks to its front-firing laminar port, allowing it to be placed closer to the wall behind the speaker.

This 2-way model offers a power handling capacity of 70W RMS and can be placed directly against a wall or in a bookcase thanks to its front laminar port. To best fit in with the decor, it comes in three different finishes: light wood with a white front panel, walnut with a gray front panel and black with a carbon front panel. These colors are available on all models in the Horus range.

Like all the speakers in the range, the Elipson Horus 6B bookshelf comes in three colors to match your home decor.

Elipson Horus 10C: the center speaker

The Elipson Horus 10C center speaker has a power handling capacity of 100W RMS. It also has a bass-reflex design, with a laminar port in the front, and includes the same drivers as the Elipson Horus 11F: two 5″ midbass drivers and a neodymium magnet tweeter. The use of the same acoustic technologies ensures perfect tonal consistency with the rest of the range.

Featuring the same innovative solutions as the other speakers in the Horus line, the Elipson Horus 10C center channel speaker ensures perfect tonal coherence for a natural and immersive cinema experience.

Elipson Horus 8S: the subwoofer

To complete the Elipson Horus speakers, the French manufacturer has also launched a new subwoofer: the Elipson Horus 8S. It differs from the current Elipson Planet Sub, Elipson Prestige Facet Sub8, Elipson Prestige Facet Sub10 and Elipson Prestige Facet Sub12 models with its passive enclosure. This is a first for the manufacturer. The 7.9″ active driver is now supported by a passive radiator of the same diameter placed on the bottom of the sub. This design ensures a uniform bass reproduction in the room and a perfect reproduction of the harmonics. A digital amplifier of 150W RMS powers the subwoofer.

With its 7.9″ driver and passive radiator of the same diameter, the Elipson Horus 8S promises to deliver deep, powerful bass in a compact package.

The new Elipson Horus speakers are now available for pre-order at a price of €349 for the Elipson Horus 6B, €849 for the Elipson Horus 11F, €249 for the Elipson Horus 10C and €499 for the Elipson Horus 8S. A price point that should allow these speakers to quickly establish themselves as the best value models in their category. Something that we will be checking very soon with a review of the range.


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