Klipsch unveils 4 supercharged subwoofers


The American manufacturer completes the recent Klipsch Reference Premiere 2022 speaker range with four new subwoofers: the Klipsch RP-1000SW, Klipsch RP-1200SW, Klipsch RP-1400SW and Klipsch RP-1600SW. This new generation is the most powerful of the brand thanks to a perfect balance between the power of the amplifier, the capacity of the new drivers and the load volume.

New Cerametallic drivers

These latest generation Klipsch subwoofers all feature new drivers. The latter are based on the exclusive Cerametallic technology already used in previous Klipsch subwoofers, such as the Klipsch SPL-150, Klipsch R-115SW and Klipsch RW-100SW. It is perfected here thanks to the use of an even lighter and very rigid cone. This ensures better transient regime and responsiveness in the low frequencies. To suit all uses, the diameter of the cone is specific to each cabinet: 10″ for the Klipsch RP-1000SW, 12″ for the Klipsch RP-1200SW, 14″ for the Klipsch RP-1400SW and 16″ for the Klipsch RP-1600SW. The table below illustrates these differences:

Driver diameter10″ 12″ 14″ 16″
Power300W RMS400W RMS500W RMS800W RMS
Frequency 19Hz16.5Hz 16Hz 14.5Hz
Width 38cm 43cm50cm 59cm
Height42cm 48cm 54cm 59cm
Depth63cm 65cm 65cm 69cm
Weight 25kg 31kg 38kg50kg
The four new Klipsch subwoofers adopt a state-of-the-art copper Cerametallic cone to maximize transient response and dynamics while reducing distortion.

Colossal power

To get the most out of the new Cerametallic drivers, the American manufacturer has also revisited the amplification circuit. It now uses a fully analog preamplifier stage to preserve all the signal information. This stage is combined with a class D power supply to maximize efficiency and deliver all available power instantly. It ranges from 300W RMS (600W peak) for the Klipsch RP-1000SW to over 800W RMS and 1600W peak for the Klipsch RP-1600SW. Enough to ensure thrilling sound in any room!

With a colossal power output of up to 800W RMS and 1600W peak for the Klipsch RP-1600SW, the new Klipsch subwoofers are sure to deliver a great sound experience.

A large enclosure

The new Klipsch subwoofers are capable of extremely deep bass, with a low frequency of 19Hz for the Klipsch RP-1000SW, 16.5Hz for the RP-1200SW, 16Hz for the RP-1400SW and 14.5Hz for the RP-1600SW. To achieve this feat, these subwoofers rely on a fairly large enclosure that is very deep. The Klipsch RP-1600SW which crowns the range is 59cm wide, 59cm heigh, 69cm deep and weighs 50kg.

From left to right, the Klipsch RP-1000SW, Klipsch RP-1200SW, Klipsch RP-1400SW and Klipsch RP-1600SW. They all adopt a large load volume to maximize bass depth.

Aerofoil slot port

To optimize bass dispersion in the room, the Klipsch Reference Premiere subwoofers have a bass-reflex enclosure with a slot port. It is designed with exclusive Aerofoil technology that optimizes the internal geometry to eliminate turbulence and ensure smoother, quieter airflow. This port is front-firing on all of the subwoofers, reducing the required spacing from the rear wall.

The laminar port with Aerofoil technology maximizes bass depth while making it easy to place the sub in the room.

RCA and LFE inputs

The connectivity is identical on these four new Klipsch subwoofers. Equipped with the bare essentials, it consists of a stereo RCA input that can be switched to an LFE input. This allows the association with an amp equipped with a pre-out or subwoofer output. Note that a WA2 port is also available to provide a wireless connection by adding an optional Klipsch transmitter. Finally, a variable phase and crossover frequency adjustment allows you to adapt the subwoofers to your room or speakers.

The new Klipsch subwoofers adopt an RCA and LFE input for easy pairing with any amplifier. The adjustable crossover frequency and the switchable phase seamless integration with your speakers.

Price & availability

The four new Klipsch subwoofers are already available for pre-order, and will arrive in stock in the next few days. The price is €1,149 for the Klipsch RP-1000SW, €1,399 for the Klipsch RP-1200SW, €1,699 for the Klipsch RP-1400SW and €2,199 for the Klipsch RP-1600SW. A positioning that demonstrates the ambitions of these new subs, including the Klipsch RP-1600SW which is the first model of the manufacturer to feature a 16″ driver. It is positionned alongside the best references in the field, such as the M&K Sound V12 Plus, REL Acoustics HT1508 Predator and SVS PB-3000.


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