Samsung Smart TV 2023: features that make all the difference!


Samsung has dominated the hotly contested 4K UHD TV and 8K UHD TV market for many years. The Korean manufacturer’s technological expertise and the care taken with the design of its TVs explain its position as world leader. But the success of Samsung TVs with the general public is also due to a particularly user-friendly experience, with certain exclusive features. What differentiates 2023 Samsung Smart TVs from competing connected TVs? Let’s find out.

Pre-installed applications

Every Samsung Tizen Smart TV comes with the most popular applications pre-installed. Once the TV is connected to the Internet, you can easily find your favorite services on the home screen. No need to download them from the app store, they are just a click away with your remote control.

The Samsung TV Plus app offers free access to over 200 channels and thousands of movies and series on demand.

Samsung Smart TV: pre-installed apps
On all Samsung TVs, the most popular streaming and replay apps are pre-installed so you can enjoy them right out of the box, without having to search for them and download them from the app store.

Integrated internet provider services

Internet provider apps can be found on all Samsung connected TVs since 2019, whether they are Samsung 4K TVs or Samsung 8K TVs. They are the result of an exclusive partnership between the Korean manufacturer and the main Internet service providers in France. In concrete terms, they provide access all the Internet TV services of your operator without having to connect a set-top box to the screen.

Do you have a TV in the living room, a second one in the bedroom and a third one in the kitchen? No need to subscribe to the multi TV option and rent one or more additional TV boxes.

Samsung Smart TV: TV app for internet providers
Thanks to the dedicated applications integrated in Samsung Smart TVs, you can enjoy the TV services of your internet provider without an separate TV box, and therefore without a cable to connect it to the TV.

In practice, you can connect the operator’s box to the TV in the living room and use the dedicated app to find your subscriptions and TV services on the other TVs. Bouygues (B.TV+), Free (Oqee) and Orange (Orange TV) TV offers are present. The SFR app should join them very soon. They all allow you to watch the programs offered by the provider simultaneously on two televisions.

Gaming Hub & Ultra Wide Game View

Present on all Samsung connected TVs since 2022, the Gaming Hub is a homepage entirely dedicated to the world of video games. It provides access to several cloud gaming services such as GeForce NOW, Utomik and even the Xbox Game Pass (exclusive to Samsung Smart TVs). The Blacknut service, full of games for the whole family, will also be available very soon.

Samsung Smart TV: gaming hub
From the gaming hub, you can play hundreds of games directly on the TV, without using a video game console or a PC. No downloading, no waiting: games are available immediately. All you need is a video game controller and a fast and stable internet connection, ideally WiFi 6 or Ethernet using a Netgear Orbi WiFi system.

Another plus for gamers with a Samsung TV is the Super UltraWide Game View feature, which displays the image of a compatible PC game in 21:9 or 32:9 widescreen format. This larger display area provides an unparalleled gaming experience, as players enjoy a wider field of view to more easily flush out surrounding enemies.

How to enjoy cloud gaming on your TV

Solar remote control

Since 2021, all Samsung smart TVs have a universal rechargeable remote control. It does not use a battery but a capacitor to store energy. The first version of this remote control could be charged thanks to the solar sensor on the back of the remote control or via a USB cable. Since 2022, it can also be recharged by converting the radio waves of your Internet box or WiFi router (2.4 GHz) into electricity!

Samsung Smart TV: solar, USB and WiFi remote control charging
The Samsung One Remote universal remote control that accompanies all the manufacturer’s connected TVs doesn’t use a battery but a capacitor. It can be recharged using solar energy, via USB or by converting WiFi radio waves into energy.

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