LG OLED G3: the best 2023 OLED TV!


Available for pre-order since a fortnight, the LG OLED G3 TV range is already being talked about in the specialized press! There is no shortage of superlatives to describe what seems to be simply the best TV ever produced. What are the advantages of this LG OLED 2023 TV range highlighted by Les Numériques, What Hi-Fi? and T3? Will LG leave the QD-OLED competition in the dust with its new MLA-enhanced OLED panel?

LG OLED G3: lauded by the specialized press
Billions of micro lenses concentrate the light emitted by the pixels of the LG OLED65G3 TV, which reaches 1460 cd/m² in Filmmaker mode (Les Numériques review). HDR images are enhanced by this television, as highlighted by the specialized press.

Brilliant brightness

Forget about OLED TVs with their limited brightness barely exceeding 800 nits. LG’s new G3 OLED TVs are now approaching 1500 nits to compete with the best Mini-LED and QD-OLED TVs on the market. They adopt a revolutionary technology called Micro Lens Array (MLA) developed by LG Display.

LG OLED G3: Ultra-thin, high-brightness 4K 120Hz OLED TV

What is the point of this race to the top? Simply to provide the best possible results with HDR content, including HDR10 and Dolby Vision. With an improved ability to produce highlights and a wider dynamic range from black to white, LG OLED G3 TVs offer a very wide range of grayscale shades. Viewers gain more subtlety and detail in both the darkest and lightest parts of the image. In this area, this new LG OLED range seems to do better than the Samsung OLED TVs with their QD-OLED panel.

Understanding LED, OLED and Micro LED TV technologies
Les Numériques 5 stars

“The LG 65G3 is simply the best TV tested to date in our lab.”

LG OLED G3: Les Numériques 5 stars
At the end of its review, the site Les Numériques awarded 5 stars to the LG OLED65G3 TV (photo credit: Les Numériques).

Infinite contrast

OLED televisions have the particularity that each pixel integrates its own light source. Unlike LCDs, where light can seep through opaque pixels, OLED TVs produce no residual light when a pixel is turned off. They are therefore able to offer more intense blacks and more nuances in the dark areas of the image.

What Hi-Fi 5 stars

“Brighter, more vibrant in most light, more insightful and overall more exciting and impactful, this is one of last year’s very best TVs made better.”

LG’s OLED G3 Series TVs offer a much higher level of contrast than LED LCD and Mini-LED TVs, allowing them to reproduce the finest details in the darkest areas of the picture. The dark scenes in movies are given great depth and texture. Viewers enjoy an extremely consistent visual experience throughout the film, regardless of the brightness or darkness of the different scenes.

New anti-glare filter

Until now, the main flaw of OLED TVs was their reflectance, i.e. their ability to reflect ambient light. Acting as a mirror, the OLED panel lost contrast in a brightly lit room or in a room with a lot of light pollution.

With LG’s G3 TVs, this problem is a thing of the past! The Korean manufacturer has indeed equipped its new range with a very effective anti-reflection filter. This virtually eliminates unwanted glare and allows you to enjoy superb image quality, even during the day or in a bright room.

LG OLED G3: T3 Platinum Award
“The LG G3 OLED’s picture potential is immense. It can produce super-bright yet very well-controlled images, without any blooming issues that LED-backlit competitors can suffer from.” T3 (photo credit: Future – Mike Lowe).

“Traditional OLED picture quality doesn’t get better or brighter than this – and I think cinephiles will see the obvious benefit.”

As you can see, the LG OLED G3 TV lineup is shaping up to be one of the best options for fans of bright HDR images with rich, high-contrast colors. Bestsellers in the making!

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