Canal+ adds Apple TV+ to its catalog!


The Canal group is continuing its strategy of integrating streaming platforms into its myCANAL catalog. After Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+ and OCS, it’s Apple TV+’s turn to make its arrival on April 20 on the French VOD service. And good news, this new feature will be available at no extra cost for subscribers!

Canal / Apple TV+ partnership promotional banner
The Canal group has just officially signed a multi-year partnership with Apple TV+. From April 20, the catalog of the American platform will be added to the French VOD service at no extra cost for subscribers.

Apple TV+ on myCANAL: a new feature at no extra cost

Maxime Saada, chairman of the Canal group board, unveiled the new collaboration between the French audiovisual giant and the Apple TV+ platform through a tweet on April 13. Starting Thursday, April 20, 2023, subscribers will have access to all Apple TV+ content via the myCANAL service. A total of 9.5 million users are concerned by this partnership, described as “historic” by Maxime Saada.

VOD service without extra charge
With this new partnership, myCANAL adds a new video streaming platform to its service after Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+ and OCS.

Better still, while the subscription to the Apple TV+ platform costs €6.99 per month, its integration to the myCANAL service will be completely free. As a result, subscribers to the French platform will have an enriched catalog at no extra cost.

Apple TV+, a high-end catalog

This new partnership seems to suit everyone. The Canal group is enriching its offer with high-end content, while Apple TV+ will benefit from the popularity of the myCANAL platform in France. Among the new releases that will arrive on April 20 is CODA, the first feature film from a streaming platform that won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2022.

Excerpt from the film CODA produced by AppleTV +
In 2022, the film CODA, an American remake of the French-language hit La Famille Bélier, became the first feature film from a VOD platform to win the Oscar for Best Picture. Troy Kotsur (with the cap), won the award for best supporting actor at the same ceremony.

Mentioned by Maxime Saada, the series Liaison, a Franco-British production with Vincent Cassel and Eva Green, will also be available, as will Ted Lasso, winner of the 2021 Emmy Awards.

It remains to be seen how the Canal group will deal with the cost of this new partnership. Is the integration without additional cost just a publicity stunt, or a real commitment to enriching the catalog without increasing the price of the service? The monthly subscription to the Canal + Ciné Séries package with the main movie and sports channels plus Disney+, Netflix, Paramount+ and OCS content currently costs €25.99 per month.

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