JBL sound on board the new Abarth 500e


Harman Kardon has just announced its first collaboration with the famous Italian car brand Abarth. The result of this promising collaboration is the JBL premium audio system integrated into the heart of the new Abarth 500e. By integrating a high-end audio system, Harman and Abarth aim to offer a unique driving experience, combining performance and emotion, so that every journey becomes an unforgettable experience.

Harman Kardon and Abarth have collaborated to integrate a premium JBL audio system into the new Abarth 500e to deliver a memorable driving experience that combines performance and emotion.

The new Abarth 500e features an improved electric drivetrain, optimized weight distribution, higher torque and a wider wheelbase for a more intense driving experience than ever before. The brand with the scorpion logo has integrated the pure and powerful sound of JBL in this iconic car. The new version of the Abarth 500e is equipped as standard with the JBL audio system, for journeys full of musical emotion.

The Abarth 500e’s top-of-the-line JBL audio system features 7 speakers perfectly positioned throughout the interior. Among them are 2 tweeters integrated in the dashboard, 2 midbass speakers in the front doors, 2 full range speakers in the rear doors and 1 subwoofer in the trunk. They are powered by an 8-channel amplifier delivering up to 320 watts.

Passengers also enjoy a 360-degree sound experience thanks to Virtual Center technology, which ensures a consistent soundstage for all occupants, regardless of their position in the car. In addition, the volume is automatically adjusted according to the speed of the vehicle for a balanced sound.

JBL’s Virtual Center algorithm processes the audio signals from each speaker to create the impression of sitting in front of a stage.

JBL and Abarth share a love of design, quality and loud music, and we are excited about our collaboration on the new Abarth 500e. Sleek, bold and powerful in every way, JBL and Abarth bring a new energy to driving.

Greg Sikora, senior director of global acoustic systems engineering at Harman Kardon.

Specifications of the JBL x Abarth 500e system

2 × 0.75″ tweeters (front panel)
2 × 6″ midbass speakers (front doors)
2 × 5″ full range speakers (rear side panel)
1 × 7.9″ subwoofer (trunk)
320 watts / 8 channel amplifier (trunk)

Abarth 500e specifications

Motorization: electric
Maximum range WLTP: 260 km
Power: 155 hp
Power: 113 Kw
0 to 100km/h: 7s
Maximum speed: 155 km/h
Entry-level price: 43,000 euros

The all-new Abarth 500e is equipped with the remarkable JBL audio system, making it the first model of the brand to offer JBL’s exceptional sound quality. This ensures an unparalleled audio experience and perfect sound, whether on daily commutes or long trips.

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