McIntosh x Sonus Faber x Wally: the ultimate maritime audio experience


McIntosh, Sonus Faber and Wally (yacht brand) have recently partnered to create exceptional audio systems specifically designed for the sea. The result of this collaboration combines the unmatched power and performance of McIntosh amplifiers and Sonus Faber custom speakers with the innovative design of the Wallywhy200 yacht. Enough to enjoy an unparalleled audio experience at sea!

McIntosh x Sonus Faber x Wally
McIntosh, Sonus Faber and Wally have collaborated to create prestigious audio systems for marine use.

High quality sound at sea

As a reminder, the McIntosh and Sonus Faber brands have made a name for themselves in high-end audio, not only for the home, but also in the luxury car audio market. For example, the two American giants Jeep and McIntosh have developed state-of-the-art audio systems for vehicles such as the Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Grand Cherokee L. Maserati, meanwhile, has partnered with Sonus Faber to create an audio system for the MC20 supercar. Today, the two brands wish to put their expertise to good use in the maritime high-fidelity market.

Mclntosh: brand space

Entering the marine industry has been a priority for us for some time. […] We are extremely excited about the future of this collaboration, celebrating the common pillars and shared passion of Wally, McIntosh and Sonus Faber, all in the pursuit of the highest quality experience and performance available on the market.

Fiore Cappelletto, automotive and marine vice president and general manager at McIntosh Group.

With state-of-the-art features designed for each specific installation area, the McIntosh and Sonus Faber hi-fi systems in the Wally yacht represent a historic milestone for these three renowned companies. The engineering and design teams of these different brands have worked tirelessly for months to deliver high quality audio, even in the most extreme marine conditions.

A personalized audio system for different listening zones

Each audio system features Sonus Faber’s proprietary DAD (Damped Apex Dome) Tweeter and Paracross Topology technologies. They are powered by McIntosh Power Guard and TripleView power amplifiers. All components have been individually tested and calibrated to provide an optimal listening experience on board the boat. They are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as vibrations or wind and wave noise.

McIntosh x Sonus Faber x Wally
The various audio installations in the heart of the Wally yacht offer breathtaking sound quality, even in the most challenging marine environments.

Main deck lounge

The Wallywhy200’s main deck lounge audio system is equipped with two amplifiers, the 2-channel McIntosh MC312 and 5-channel McIntosh MC255, as well as the McIntosh MX170 preamp to ensure optimal audio signal quality and an immersive audio experience.

The yacht’s exceptional audio system uses custom Sonus Faber architectural speakers. There are two midbass drivers, four active subwoofers (two 10″ and two 12″) and four Sonus Faber Palladio PC683 3-way ceiling speakers, carefully integrated to match the yacht’s design.

Sonus Faber speakers x Wally
The Wally yacht features 4 Sonus Faber Palladio PC683 3-way ceiling speakers. They are seamlessly integrated for an elegant appearance.

This system introduces new Phase Coherent technology to ensure a realistic soundstage and builds on the acoustic research conducted for the new Homage and Arena collections.

Main cabin

The yacht’s main cabin has a sound system consisting of the McIntosh MI347 7-channel digital amplifier and the McIntosh MX123 preamp. The installation is completed with a custom 12-inch active subwoofer and five Sonus Faber Palladio PC662 ceiling speakers.

McIntosh x Sonus Faber x Wally
The McIntosh and Sonus Faber teams have developed technical solutions that combine design and functionality, ensuring the best aesthetics for a demanding clientele.

Upper deck lounge

The lounge on the upper deck of the yacht also features the McIntosh MX123 preamp and the McIntosh MI347 7-channel digital amplifier. Five Sonus Faber Palladio PC662 ceiling speakers and a custom Sonus Faber 12″ active subwoofer complete the system for the ultimate sound experience in this yacht’s relaxation area.

Presentation of the Wallywhy200 yacht

Equipped with a Volvo pod propulsion system (max. speed of 20 knots in “hyper displacement” mode), the Wallywhy200 yacht is designed for cruising in “displacement” and “semi-displacement” mode. Together with this outstanding sound system, it is the perfect solution to enjoy sunny days at sea to the sound of your favorite playlist.

In total, the Wallywhy200 offers 200m² of interior living space. The 37m² master suite overlooking the sea, with an uninterrupted 270-degree view of the horizon, is located in a 4.7 meter high glass bow. The cabin is completely silent due to the fact that the engine room is at the other end of the boat.

With a shared passion for the sea, beauty and style, McIntosh, Sonus Faber and Wally have created a customized audio system for each area of the yacht so that all passengers can enjoy their favorite music on the open sea. Exceptional!

Photo credit: Gilles Martin-Raget

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