Maserati teams up with Sonus Faber to create the sound system for the MC20


Mis à jour le 10 September 2021.

For its new MC20 supercar, Maserati teamed up with a big name in Italian audio: Sonus Faber.

Linked by their commitment to craftsmanship, innovation and ancestral traditions, the two Italian luxury brands Sonus faber and Maserati have teamed up to bring sound to the Maserati MC20 supercar.

Founded in 1983 by a group of audiophiles who were also passionate about cabinetmaking, Sonus Faber is known for its hi-fi speakers with a neat design and undeniable musical qualities. Maserati, meanwhile, has been a benchmark in the luxury automotive industry since its creation in 1914.

This project with Maserati is not Sonus Faber’s first foray into the world of car audio. In fact, in 2013, the manufacturer had already collaborated with the prestigious Italian car manufacturer Pagani. Sonus Faber developed a custom system with a total output of 1200 watts for its compatriot’s Huayra model. The drivers are equipped with an aluminum structure and a carbon fiber cone for an accurate reproduction, and digital signal processing (DSP) allows the sound of the entire system to be customized according to the vehicle’s interior and the driver’s musical tastes. A sizable subwoofer is also integrated between the Huayra’s two seats.

In 2013, Sonus Faber created the sound system for the Pagani Huayra supercar.

With the MC20 model and its Sonus Faber sound system, Maserati wants to offer its customers a unique driving experience. Engineers from both brands worked together to design an audio system capable of immersing driver and passengers in a bubble of sound delivering the same natural, precise and detailed reproduction as Sonus Faber speakers. “This is a very collaborative effort” says Jeff Poggi, co-CEO of the Mcintosh group and CEO of Sonus Faber. “We set up hi-fi systems in the development centers to try to create an automotive equivalent of a home audio environment.”

Engineers from both brands worked together to create an audio system capable of delivering the same natural, precise and refined sound as traditional Sonus Faber hi-fi speakers.

According to Paolo Tezzon, director of the Acoustic Research and Development department at Sonus Faber: “The attention to detail that governs the design of a Maserati fits perfectly with the philosophy of Sonus Faber and has pushed our team to focus on what has defined the brand over the years: craftsmanship. By tuning the system to achieve a naturally distinctive sound, we complemented the intense power of the Maserati’s engine with the smooth, natural sound of Sonus Faber to create a hybrid of melodic movement. ”

The various speakers of the audio system that equip the Maserati MC20 use rare earth magnets as well as natural materials such as silk and cellulose.

Twelve loudspeakers are perfectly distributed in the cabin of the Maserati MC20 supercar: three tweeters, three midrange loudspeakers, two midrange surround loudspeakers and two woofers. They are all positioned to obtain the most leveled frequency response possible and to deliver a precise soundstage. The speakers use rare earth magnets and their cones are made from natural materials adapted to withstand the demanding automotive environment, especially in terms of heat, vibration and ambient noise.

The Sonus Faber audio system features 12 channels of amplification with 695 watts of power and 12 custom speakers.

Class D amplifiers use digital signal processing (DSP) to deliver a total of 695 watts of power, with each speaker powered by its own amplifier: 100 watts for woofers, 60 watts for midrange and 45 watts for midrange. tweeters and surround speakers. Thanks to extensive engineering, the power stage delivers more than twice the amount of current required by the amplifier at maximum volume, ensuring wide dynamic range without compression or clipping.

This collaboration between the two Italian companies was so successful that it was awarded a EISA Award 2021-2022 in the “luxury car-audio system” category. Production of the Maserati MC20 supercar started on October 1, 2020 at the Modena plant in Italy. The first models were delivered to customers during the 1st quarter of 2021.

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