Naim Nait 50: a tribute to the Naim Nait 1 amplifier


Just unveiled at High End Munich, the Naim Nait 50 amp celebrates the British specialist’s 50th anniversary by paying homage to the iconic Naim Nait 1. Limited to only 1973 copies in reference to the year of the brand’s foundation, this Naim amp takes the vintage design of its predecessor and combines it with technical improvements and 2 x 25 watt class AB amplification.

Naim Nait 50: back to the future

In 1983, the British manufacturer unveiled its first integrated amp: the Naim Nait 1. It quickly became one of the most iconic models of the brand, as much for its musicality as for its very compact design for the time. Four decades later, Naim pays tribute to its mythical amplifier with the new Naim Nait 50. The latter faithfully respects the vintage aesthetics of its predecessor, with an anthracite front panel decorated with a large volume control and four source selectors. The half-width format has also been kept, with dimensions of 8.7 x 20.7 x 32.1cm (HxWxD). Everything is handmade in the brand’s workshops.

The Naim Nait 50 integrated amp is a limited edition model paying tribute to the iconic Naim Nait 1 from 1983, whose vintage design it shares.

Naim Nait 50: between heritage and modernity

With the new Nait 50 amp, Naim engineers have taken care to retain the DNA of the Nait 1 while making technical improvements to the circuits. The Naim Nait 50 is a fully analog amp based on a linear design with a class A/B biased power stage. It can deliver 2 x 25 watts into 8 ohms or 2 x 60 watts into 2 ohms. It is therefore more powerful than its predecessor, while being even more precise thanks to a reduced distortion and an optimized signal-to-noise ratio. The Naim Nait 50 also includes a built-in headphone amp with a 6.35mm jack output on the front panel.

The Naim Nait 50 incorporates a new class AB amplifier capable of delivering 2 x 25 watts into 8 ohms and 2 x 60 watts into 2 ohms.

Naim Nait 50: analog connectors

To remain faithful to the original model, the Naim Nait 50 amp only has analog connectors. It has two DIN inputs for connecting a network player, a USB DAC or a CD player, for example. The connection of a vinyl turntable is also possible thanks to the integrated MM phono preamp. It uses discrete transistors to increase the gain of the signal without introducing noise or interference.

The limited edition Naim Nait 50 adopts an entirely analog design, as do its connectors, which consist of two DIN inputs and one MM phono input.

Naim Nait 50: pricing and availability

The new Naim Nait 50 amp will be available from June at a price of €3000. This edition will be limited to only 1973 units, a number that echoes the founding year of the brand.

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