Telly, the free American 4K HDR TV


Telly, an American company, is putting a completely free 4K HDR TV up for pre-order. It even comes with a built-in soundbar! The catch behind this deal? The television has a double screen, the first one, dedicated to your program, and a second one under the soundbar, which permanently displays ads.

The Telly TV is free, but continuously displays ads
The Telly TV is completely free of charge if you agree to the uninterrupted broadcast of advertisements and the collection of your personal data.

Constant advertising

Telly offers a free 4K HDR TV with built-in soundbar. The only drawback is that the screen is constantly displaying advertisements! It is not the user, but advertisers who pay for this TV. This is the new idea from Ilya Pozin, the man behind the Pluto TV channel package that has over 26 million users. The entrepreneur is adapting a concept that is already used for their satellite TV channel offering, created in 2013 and sold back to Paramount in 2019. With Telly, even when the screen is turned off, a banner continues to show advertisements.

Installed under the soundbar, the second part of the Telly screen broadcasts continuous ads, even when the TV is turned off!

The Telly TV analyzes user behavior

In addition to this drawback, the Telly television carries out a study of the habits and behavior of the viewers. The screen is equipped with a camera that analyzes the attitude of viewers in real time and according to the content they consume, while a microphone records conversations. If the user decides to break these “rules”, they must return the television under penalty of payment. Will the Telly television set be as successful as the Pluto TV package? A few days ago, Netflix had already claimed 5 million subscribers across 12 countries for its new, cheaper ad-supported subscription plan.

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