The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


Son-Vidé is thrilled to celebrate the long-awaited release of the new video game adventure, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Thirty-seven years after the launch of the first installment in the series, this release is an event that brings together gamers from around the world on the Nintendo Switch to share and celebrate their passion for video games.

A new chapter in the legendary saga

Since the triumphant release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild six years ago, considered to be one of the best installments in the history of video games, the expectations were huge for this new episode. Tears of the Kingdom promises a captivating experience with fiendish puzzles to solve, fearsome bosses to face, and a dense open world full of secrets and treasures to discover.

Explore the new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild adventure with Link and all his friends!

Tons of goodies

To accompany you everywhere in your quest, Son-Vidé offers a wide range of accessories such as the PDP travel case, also available in Glow and Glow Switch versions that glow in the dark! If you’re planning to go on vacation to indulge in this adventure, the PDP Pull N Go pouch will allow you to take all your accessories with you.

A Zelda version of the semi-rigid PDP Messenger Case is also available…
The “Glow” version glows in the dark.

Don’t forget to switch your Joy-Con for a more ergonomic controller like the Nintendo Pro, or one of the Rematch models featuring the famous franchise. Finally, if your family doesn’t share your affinity for video games, opt for a gaming headset in the colors of your favorite saga with the PDP Airlite Zelda headset.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is perfect for joining Link on his adventures. But it has a definite advantage when it comes to knocking down bosses compared to the console’s Joy-Cons.

Rave reviews

Even before its official release, the game has already garnered praise from the media who had the chance to try it out before the embargo. Critics are unanimous about the exceptional quality of Tears of the Kingdom. The ratings for the game are extremely positive, reinforcing the excitement of fans who have been eagerly awaiting this new opus in the saga. Fans who will appreciate the many accessories available in the effigy of the saga.

The Zelda universe is famous for its colorful and varied worlds, populated by a great diversity of monsters!

An opportunity for fans to celebrate

This release is more than just a game for players. It is a cultural event that brings together a passionate and dedicated community. With nearly forty years of history, the Zelda franchise has managed to create a craze that spans generations.

The rave reviews and strong fan base guarantee that this new installment will be a memorable experience for both early adopters of The Legend of Zelda and those who plan to discover the franchise with this new episode.

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