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Among the different models in bone conduction specialist Shokz’s catalog are the Shokz Open Run Pro headphones, which combine safety, comfort and sound quality. These bone conduction headphones are designed to be placed on your temples, leaving the ear canals free so you remain aware of your surroundings. Moreover, their IP55 certification means that they are sweat and splash-resistant, and their autonomy can reach up to 10 hours. Available for €189, do the Shokz Open Run Pro headphones really manage to combine safety and musical enjoyment during sport sessions?

Shokz Open Run Pro: packaging & accessories

The Shokz Open Run Pro bone conduction headphones come with a magnetic charging cable as well as a quick start guide and a manual. These elements are all placed inside a solid case that protects them during transport.

Shokz Open Run Pro & accessories
To transport the Shokz Open Run Pro headphones safely, they come with a hard case.

Shokz Open Run Pro: presentation

The Shokz brand

Shokz (previously AfterShokz) is a brand specialized in bone conduction headphones. Founded with the determination to offer innovative models, the company rapidly stood out due to its pursuit of performance and safety for users. Today, the manufacturer owns over 1000 patents, a testament to its expertise in the field. 

The Shokz headphone range provides users with a unique listening experience. These models send sound through the cheekbones, which allows you to hear surrounding sounds at the same time as your music. Thanks to their ergonomic design and sweat/splash resistance, Shokz headphones are suitable for use during sports activities.

Shokz Open Run Pro + Shokz Open Run  + Shokz Open Move
Shokz bone conduction headphones are specifically designed to allow you to enjoy sporting activities safely.

The brand is committed to providing high-quality models, combining comfort, durability and audio quality. With its constant dedication to innovation and safety, Shokz has become a reference for sports enthusiasts who want to listen to music while exercising.

Shokz Open Run Pro: bone conduction

While popular brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Bose, Bowers & Wilkins and Sony have opted for ambient modes, which use microphones to capture sounds and diffuse them through the music, Shokz adopts bone conduction, which leaves the ears free.

The Shokz Open Run Pro integrate the 9th generation of the Shokz TurboPitch bone conduction technology. The latter uses bones in the head to transmit tiny vibrations to the inner ear without obstructing the ear canals clear. This allows users to remain aware of their surroundings while enjoying optimum comfort. This configuration is particularly reassuring when running in an urban environment, for example. What’s more, it also enables users to chat with friends and fellow sports enthusiasts while continuing to enjoy their music.

Bone conduction headphones selection

Bone conduction headphones provide a different sound experience from traditional headphones and in-ear monitors due to the trajectory the sound takes through part of the cartilage to reach the inner ear. This can lead to a difference in volume compared to regular audio systems. To compensate for this, the Shokz Open Run Pro bone conduction headphones are equipped with two CoreCushion bass amplifiers (unlike the Shokz Open Run model). The result is a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz and a sensitivity of 105 dB.

Shokz Open Run Pro
The Shokz Open Run Pro bone conduction headphones are equipped with two CoreCushion bass amplifiers to deliver a clear sound with more powerful bass than the brand’s previous models.

Shokz Open Run Pro: Bluetooth connection

The Shokz Open Run Pro headphones feature Bluetooth connectivity to stream music wirelessly and handle calls from any smartphone, tablet or computer. They have a transmission range of approximately 10 meters to ensure the freedom of movement needed for indoor sports activities, for example. Furthermore, thanks to the Bluetooth multipoint feature, it’s extremely easy to switch from one source device to another.

Shokz Open Run pro: water, sweat and dust resistance

Designed to be used for sports, the Shokz Open Run Pro headphones have an IP55 certification. This ensures resistance to sweat, as well as potential water splashes and dust during intense workout sessions or outdoor sporting activities. Their design is also more durable, lengthening their lifespan and ensuring consistent performance over time. 

Another important aspect to take into account is that, as the Shokz Open Run Pro are unaffected by perspiration, they are very practical in terms of hygiene and maintenance.

Shokz Open Run Pro during training session
Whether you’re out running, working out indoors or hiking in the great outdoors, Shokz Open Run Pro bone conduction headphones are prepared to withstand water, dust and sweat.

Shokz Open Run Pro: ergonomic design

To maximize comfort, the Shokz Open Run Pro bone conduction headphones have an ergonomic design that uses titanium as the main material. The latter has the perfect combination of lightness and resistance to ensure that the headphones are both durable and pleasant to wear for sport.

Shokz Open Run Pro
With their titanium frame, the Shokz Open Run Pro headphones are very comfortable, even during long workouts.

Moreover, the Shokz Open Run Pro are equipped with a headband that ensures that the transducers stay in place at the temples, regardless of your movements. For those who need a smaller size, as we did for this review, the Shokz Open Run Pro Mini model will be more suitable thanks to its headband, which is 21mm shorter.

The Shokz Open Run Pro feature larger volume control and multifunction buttons, so they’re easier to use when exercising. The headphones are also compatible with the voice assistant installed on your smartphone for greater freedom of movement. The Shokz Open Run Pro bone conduction headphones have another feature that makes all the difference: a double noise-cancelling microphone. This guarantees excellent clarity on both ends of the call.

Shokz Open Run Pro: zoom + button
The volume controls and multifunction button of the Shokz Open Run Pro bone conduction headphones are larger than those of the Shokz Open Run for greater ease of use.

Shokz Open Run Pro: battery life

Conveniently, the Shokz Open Run Pro bone conduction headphones are equipped with a battery that provides up to 10 hours of music playback or calls on a single charge. Furthermore, after charging them for only 5 minutes, the headphones offer 1.5 hours of autonomy! Each time the headphones are used, the voice assistant (available only in Chinese, Japanese, English and Korean) indicates the battery status. Please note, however, that bone conduction headphones do not switch off automatically. So be sure to turn them off to save enough battery power for your next musical sports session.

Shokz Open Run Pro on bike
The battery life of the Shokz Open Run Pro bone conduction headphones can reach 10 hours.

Shokz Open Run Pro: key specifications

  • Bone conduction
  • Water and sweat resistant: IP55
  • Material: titanium
  • Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 105 (± 3 dB)
  • Equalizer: two modes
  • Battery life: 10 hours
  • Bluetooth 5.1 (SBC)
  • Bluetooth Multipoint (2 devices)
  • Double noise-cancelling microphone
  • Weight: 29g

Shokz Open Run Pro: listening conditions

For our test, we connected the Shokz Open Run Pro to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth. We also paired them to a PC via Bluetooth. The Multipoint pairing was efficient. We listened to Hi-Res tracks streamed from Qobuz.

Shokz Open Run Pro + computer
The Shokz Open Run Pro bone conduction headphones are compatible with Bluetooth Multipoint. Therefore, it is possible to listen to music on a computer or tablet without missing a phone call.

The Shokz Open Run Pro were very user-friendly. The controls were intuitive and easy to use during workouts.

Shokz Open Run Pro: listening impressions

First and foremost, it is important to point out that ambient sound affects how you hear the music when using these bone conduction headphones, which don’t obstruct the ear canal. As a result, the sound emitted by the Shokz Open Run Pro may seem distant compared with conventional in-ear monitors, but this didn’t bother us when we were exercising. The brand demonstrates its expertise with headphones that still offer a detailed sound with plenty of bass.

The Shokz app features an equalizer with two options: the “standard” mode, designed for listening to music, and the “voice” mode, suitable for audiobooks, podcasts and so on. These different settings proved to be highly effective. We were able to enjoy podcasts while strolling through town thanks to the “voice” mode, which enhances the midrange. The voices of the protagonists were clear, while traffic noise remained clearly audible so that we could cross the street safely, for example. This vocal clarity was confirmed when taking phone calls, where we were able to hear our interlocutors correctly. However, when running, the wind can affect the voice pick-up. In this case, it’s best to take a break from your joy to enjoy a clear call.

Shokz application
The Shokz app provides access to, among other things, two equalization modes: one for music and another for podcasts, audiobooks, etc.

Music playback was also very pleasant. Naturally, the vibration-based sound reproduction took some getting used to. When set to “Standard”, the equalizer emphasized the low frequencies, while the vocals were somewhat more subdued. As a result, we were able to take full advantage of pop, jazz and reggae tracks during our sports sessions.

With bass-heavy tracks, such as Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, the vibrations on our temples sometimes felt uncomfortable when we turned the volume up. Unfortunately, this is something that happens with the majority of bone conduction headphones.

Shokz Open Run Pro + phone and Shokz app
The Shokz Open Run Pro bone conduction headphones’ “Voice” mode highlights vocals, making it perfect for listening to podcasts during a workout.

As for the fit, the Shokz Open Run Pro bone conduction headphones stayed in place while running and during fitness sessions. The transducers were correctly positioned at the temples and remained there throughout the session, regardless of the intensity or number of jumps. It’s worth noting, however, that you’ll need to adapt your movements for floor exercises where your head has to touch the mat or machine (weight training, yoga, Pilates…). And if you have long hair, it’s best to tie it up for optimum support. 

Shokz Open Run Pro: who are they for?

The Shokz Open Run Pro bone conduction headphones are aimed at athletes and active users who want to enjoy good sound quality while remaining aware of their surroundings. Thanks to their bone conduction technology, these headphones allow you to enjoy your music without blocking your ear canals, so you can stay alert to external noises such as traffic, conversations and warning signals. What’s more, they’re ideal for anyone wishing to take phone calls during a sports session.

They are also suitable for those who want to listen to music in the background while being able to hear what is happening around them. In an office, for example. Thanks to the “Voice” mode, these headphones are perfect for users who want to listen to podcasts or learn a new language during a walk or a jog.

Shokz Open Run Pro and cyclist
The sweat and splash resistance, long battery life and excellent fit make the Shokz Open Run Pro bone conduction headphones an ideal solution for runners, cyclists, hikers, gym-goers and many other fitness enthusiasts.

Shokz Open Run Pro: conclusion

The Shokz Open Run Pro headphones provide a perfect combination of comfort, sound quality and practical features for athletes. The 9th generation of bone conduction technology provides an immersive listening experience while allowing the user to remain aware of their surroundings. The IP55 certification makes these headphones sweat and water-resistant, while the long battery life and quick charge feature ensure uninterrupted playback. 

We liked

  • The great fit
  • How easy they are to keep clean
  • The accessible and intuitive controls
  • The “Mini” version
  • The carrying case
  • The equalizer

We would have liked

  • For the vibrations to have been less noticeable at high volume
  • Better voice pickup in windy conditions

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