Roksan MaestroUnite app update


British manufacturer Roksan has recently released a new version of its MaestroUnite application. Available now on the App Store and Google Play Store, it facilitates configuration of the Roksan Attessa BluOS connected amp (read the Roksan Attessa BluOS amplifier review) and provides a seamless user experience.

The new Roksan MaestroUnite app makes it easy to set up and install the Roksan Attessa BluOS connected amplifier.

The latest version of the Roksan MaestroUnite application adds several optimizations focused on automating the Roksan Attessa BluOS amp configuration process and facilitating WiFi connection. Here are all the improvements made:

  • Roksan devices can now be deleted even when they are not connected to the home network.
  • Provides an additional check to confirm WiFi credentials.
  • Automatically launches firmware update for connected Roksan equipment.
  • Improved error messaging.

The new MaestroUnite app makes it easy to configure and connect your Roksan Attessa BluOS amplifier to the WiFi network. This amp can also be combined with the Roksan Attessa CD player, so that the two devices work as a single unit. Finally, access to streaming services, web radios, music shared on the local network and multi-room connectivity is still available via the BluOS application shared by NAD, Bluesound and Roksan equipment.

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