New Klipsch Heresy III 70th Anniversary (limited edition)


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Klipsch Heresy III 70th Anniversary

With 2016 serving as the seventieth anniversary of Klipsch, the famous US brand decided to do something special to honor its proud history and created limited editions of two of their iconic speakers, the Klipsch Heresy III and Klipsch Klipschorn.

In celebration of the brand’s platinum anniversary, an exclusive handcrafted edition of the Klipsch Heresy III is now available. The 70th Anniversary Klipschorn will follow soon. Both are stunning tributes to Paul W. Klipsch?s timeless designs.

Klipsch Heresy III 70th Anniversary Edition
Paul W. Klipsch

Introduced in 1957 and now in its third iteration, the Heresy is a compact, three-way loudspeaker utilizing a 12? woofer and horn-loaded midrange and tweeter. It was originally intended to be a center channel for the Klipschorn speakers; however, they quickly stood on their own merit.

While the design of the speaker has remained remarkably similar to the original, the Heresy III was given a substantial upgrade in recent years to include a more powerful woofer, bi-wire network, as well as midrange and tweeter compression drivers, featuring a titanium diaphragm for smooth and accurate definition.

Klipsch Heresy III 70th Anniversary Edition
Klipsch’s craftsmen based in Hope, Arkansas, only made 70 pairs of each model, an extremely limited edition

Audio enthusiast and reviewer, Steve Guttenberg calls the Heresy III ?a rock?n’roller?s dream speaker? in a Stereophile editorial. He expounded upon this praise of the Heresy in a post on his blog: The sound in my listening room was closer to a live rock concert sound system than I?ve heard from a lot of much more expensive and bigger speakers. That?s what the Heresy IIIs do so well, and once you experience that sort of sound at home, a set of Sonos wireless speakers won’t cut it anymore.?

Klipsch Heresy III 70th Anniversary Edition

Limited edition Australian Walnut

While the standard Heresy III comes in cherry, walnut and black ash, the 70th Anniversary Hersey III features an Australian Walnut wood veneer that is a total showstopper. Coming all the way from the costal tablelands of North Queensland, Australia, this limited edition of wood veneer varies in color but is usually a pale-golden hue highly contrasted with darker streaks of chocolate brown, grey, black or even pink. Each pair of 70th Anniversary Heresy speakers will have a slightly different character to it, making them truly unique. This wood will only be used on 70th Anniversary edition speakers.

Book-matched wood veneers and speaker pairs

Every pair of 70th Anniversary Heresy speakers uses book-matched wood veneers. It means that the veneer leaves are kept in order as they are delicately sliced from the timber and precisely arranged to provide a mirror image at the splice joint. This gives each pair of speakers an aesthetically pleasing and consistent appearance. In addition, every cabinet is carefully matched so that each speaker in the pair is practically indistinguishable from the other. The speakers move seamlessly together through the factory. Each finished product is inspected and labeled with sequential serial numbers, ensuring that the Heritage series speakers leave the factory as a meticulously crafted set.

Klipsch Heresy III 70th Anniversary Edition

New finish and details
Heresy owners and fans may note that the speaker typically comes with the iconic PWK badge in the top left/right of the speaker. We changed it up a bit for the 70th Anniversary with a curvaceous Heresy nameplate that harkens back to Klipsch logos from years past.

Silver luster gille cloth
The new nameplate is mounted to an eye-catching silver luster grille cloth. It looks like a metal mesh, which gives the speaker a rather distinct personality. Again, this is a special edition cloth is a feature reserved for the 70th Anniversary Klipsch Heritage speakers.

Klipsch Heresy III 70th Anniversary Edition

Special plaque
Each speaker also features a small plaque identifying its numbered sequence in the series and has been signed by its craftsman.

Matte black risers
You may have also noticed the contrasting matte-black slant risers which are only available on the 70th Anniversary Heresy III speakers and a perfect complement to the Australian Walnut wood veneer.

The Klipsch Heresy III 70th Anniversary Edition maintains the character that made the reputation of the original model and will be remembered for long after Klipsch runs out of inventory, which may be very, very soon.


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