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Tristan est rédacteur chez Son-Vidéo.com. Passionné de musique, d'acoustique et de high-tech, il réalise notamment les tests matériels pour notre blog.


  • I recently buy the MA gold 200 but it did not make a good match with my Cyrus 8xpd. It was too much in the face, too bright, too thin and the voices where overwhelmed by the instruments. Music fatique.
    It helps to get the power on order. So I bought a good powercord.
    But i was not satisfied. So I try the Arcam A39 and now it sings.
    My advice try with our own amplifier it can make a big difference.

    • That’s a lot of speakers. A second IWS-10 would have helped, but I’m not sure if it would have been enough. I would go for a Monitor Audio Gold W15. A 15″ inch active sub would support all those speakers and give you the amount – and quality – of bass you’re looking for. And no, the W15 is not too much :).

  • Hi guys, I recently installed these Monitor Audio speaker in my dedicated HT room:

    Front: Left, Centre and Right CP-WT380IDC
    Rear Left & Right Surround: C380-FX
    Ceiling ATMOS: CT 280 (four speakers)
    Subwoofer: IWS-10 with IWB10 back box

    The room is 6 x 4 metres and 3.3 metres high. I regret that I didn’t install the 2nd IWS-10 sub as I would prefer more bass

    Can you please advice which additional subwoofer from MA would be a perfect match for this speakers ?

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