5 iOS apps to get the most out of your music


Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.

Plex (iOS and Android)

plexThe Plex app for iOS makes it possible to listen to music shared on a Plex server, via Airplay protocol, with most any network player, hi-fi network amplifier, home cinema amplifier or wireless speaker. The app?s approach to navigation is particularly user-friendly. The prerequisite is having access to a Plex Media Server. This software is free and can be installed on a wide variety of computers (Mac, PC), as well as on a NAS or a dedicated server (Linux). Plex Media Server will then automatically index audio files in folders created by the user and download the art for each album. The Plex app may also be used to watch films and TV series on an Android TV or Google Chromecast device, for example.


vlcWell-known among Windows users, VLC is also available for iOS. The app allows users to listen to audio files in formats not natively handled by their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Once the app has been installed, the user only has to connect an iDevice to a computer to select audio files to be copied to the app?s folder. The files may then be played or streamed using the AirPlay protocol. Practical for listening to FLAC files. The icing on the cake?VLC is compatible with DLNA servers as well as the Plex Media Server. It is thus possible to play FLAC files wirelessly from a NAS or computer.


allconnectAllConnect is a DLNA control app which enables playback for audio files stored on a DLNA server (computer, NAS, etc.), no matter what their format may be. While the app lets users listen to music stored on their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, it?s above all the ability to transmit audio stream directly to a DLNA network player, DLNA amplifier, home cinema amplifier or wireless speaker which makes this app so appealing.

Decibel 10th

Decibel10thDecibel 10th is an app which measures the level of ambient noise in decibels. Practical for determining the amount of sound produced by your speakers. Let us remind you that if you get a reading of around 90 dB while standing 1 m away from one of your speakers, this means your amplifier is only producing 1 Watt of power. It is important to keep in mind that an iPhone is not a sonometer and its measurements are not ultra precise. But it can at least give you a rough estimate.

Bandsintown (iOS and Android)

bandsintownWhat would you say to an app that keeps tabs on concerts in your area and gives you a heads up when your favorite artists are in town’ Bandsintown lets you track artists and even buy tickets online.

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