After its VK-1 and VK-2 headphones, Aëdle releases the VK-X model, the brand’s first wireless headphones


Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.


As you already know, we are especially excited about supporting French companies working in the audio world, particularly smaller structures like Aëdle. The French brand has managed to stand out in a market where competing with the major players is very difficult, on both a technical and financial level. Aëdle made a name for itself with a series of headphones assembled in Paris, and boldly combining high end design and audio quality.

We would like to talk about this brand today as Aëdle recently launched its crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo on June 19th and we would like to show our complete support to the brand’s venture. After the release of the VK-1, Aëdle was back in the spotlight last year with the release of the VK-2, an on-ear, closed-back model fitted with high end transducers featuring neodymium magnets and a steel, aluminum, and lambskin leather finish.


While staying faithful to its signature design by using the same materials, thus maintaining its high-quality manufacturing standard, Aëdle decided to go with an over-ear structure this time around. Regarding the specs, the VK-X is HD Bluetooth compatible, supports the LDAC, apt-X HD, and AAC codecs, has an active noise cancellation function, and is fitted with a USB-C port, which allows fast charge (less than 30 minutes) and a cable connection to any compatible source. The battery life ranges between 14 hours and 20 hours depending on the sound volume and whether the ANC (active noise cancellation) is activated or not.

VKX_Classic_45 VKX_Classic_SIDE1 VKX_Legacy_BOTTOM

Last but not least, Aëdle offers the possibility to customize the appearance of the VK-X by choosing between six different colors for the leather and six different aluminum treatments for a completely unique finish.

With a release date set for this upcoming November, it goes without saying that we are looking forward to listening to the VK-X and we will be reviewing it in these pages. The Aëdle VK-K will also be showcased in the Son-Vidé boutiques.

A limited release of 1000 Aëdle VK-X headphones is already available for preorder via Indiegogo for a price ranging from $349 to $399 (299€ to 343€) instead of 649€ (with tax), which will be the headphones’ price after their official release. Click on the link to access the Indiegogo platform.

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