B&W 600 Series: what’s changed?


Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.

Bowers&Wilkins have revamped their range of 600 Series hi-fi and home theater speakers. The B&W 606 et B&W 607 compact speakers, along with the B&W 603 floorstander and the B&W HTM6 center speaker are already available. Here’s an inventory of the technologies and innovations featured by the 2018 range.

High-end technology

In recent years B&W have designed loudspeakers benefiting from state-of-the-art technology. Reserved for top of the range models for a long time, some of these new technologies are now available for mid-range speakers, like the 700 Series and, more recently, the 600 series.

The B&W 600 Series speakers double dome tweeter with Nautilus chamber.

Nautilus design

The B&W 600 Series’ tweeter is made of an aluminum double dome with layers of gel to absorb unwanted vibrations and to reduce distortion in the mids. The rear wave is also absorbed thanks to a long, conical tube: the famous Nautilus design.

The Continuum FST driver of the B&W 600 Series speakers.

Continuum membranes

Say goodbye to the signature yellow Kevlar. B&W has fitted its 600 Series speakers with Continuum cone mid drivers. The secret composition of this membrane creates a formidable driver for mids. In the case of the B&W 603 floorstanding speaker, this driver is only used to deliver mids and features a FST type suspension (no excursion). In addition, this floorstander’s bass drivers have a paper and carbon cone.

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