Tangent has released a new compact audio system designed for streaming


The Danish brand Tangent has just released a new audio system designed for streaming: the Tangent Elio. This ultra-compact system combines high-quality sound and practical wireless features in an elegant retro design.

With its retro design, the Tangent Elio compact system can be easily incorporated into any interior.

Tangent Elio: design

Tangent used all of its expertise when designing the Elio system. The brand took its first steps into the world of streaming last year with the very popular Tangent Spectrum W1 Google Cast wireless speaker and the Tangent Pebble Splash portable Bluetooth speaker. Following the success of these two models, Tangent decided to push the association of iconic Danish design with the latest technologies further by providing an all-in-one compact system compatible with Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, DAB+ and FM that also features a CD player. Enough to allow music fans to enjoy their passion with all sources.

The screen and controls on the front panel of the Tangent Elio system allow you to easily navigate between different sources.

Tangent Elio: high quality audio

The new Tangent Elio system features two powerful 3” wideband drivers that are individually loaded in a bass-reflex enclosure and situated behind the brushed aluminum front panel. These drivers are powered by an integrated amplifier rated at 2 x 20 watts. This compact stereo system provides clear, deep and rich lows with a sound restitution that is powerful enough to fill a small room. The Elio system features a “loudness” setting and several equalizer presets designed to suit different music genres and the users’ personal preferences.

Behind the Tangent Elio compact system’s brushed aluminum grilles are two 3” wideband drivers.

Tangent Elio: radio, CD and streaming

A true all-in-one compact system, the Tangent Elio is designed for listening to the most popular music sources. In addition to Bluetooth for listening to music via a smartphone or tablet, the Tangent Elio system is also compatible with Spotify Connect, allowing Spotify users to find their playlists directly on the Tangent Elio. The latter can also stream content stored on a device that is connected to the WiFi network. A CD player is included for more traditional sources. There is also a high-quality tuner for listening to FM, DAB and DAB+ radio stations, as well as web radios. Lastly, it’s possible to connect wired sources to the Elio system via the USB port or 3.5mm mini-jack AUX input located on the back of the device.

At the back of the Tangent Elio system there are two bass-reflex ports, a USB port, an AUX input and a line input, which are both in 3.5mm mini-jack format.

Tangent Elio: user-friendly

Tangent has always strived to provide devices that are easy to use and the new Elio system is no exception. The Elio system can be controlled easily and intuitively using the large color screen on the front panel and the remote control. It is also possible to control the Elio with a smartphone or tablet thanks to the dedicated app.

The Tangent Elio audio system can be controlled using the included remote control or the dedicated app.

Tangent has also announced that an even more compact mono version of the Elio should be available in 2020.

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