Samsung presents its new, eco-friendly cardboard packaging that can be recycled to make a cat house


Mis à jour le 8 March 2021.

Samsung has just revealed its new recyclable TV packaging. Each box features a dotted matrix allowing you to transform them into a completely different object. Thanks to this clever idea from the Korean manufacturer, you can easily create a stand, a coffee table, or even a little castle for your royal feline friend. Cats are crazy for boxes, so you can’t go wrong by gifting them one of these.

If you have a cat (or several), then you’ll know just how much they love cardboard boxes. With its transformable box concept, Samsung allows you to create a little house that will delight your furry companion.

Usually, electronics manufacturers use boxes made of thick corrugated cardboard to protect the objects inside during shipping. These boxes are rarely reused as it is difficult to find a use or a place for them in our homes. As a result, they often end up contributing to the several billion tons of waste amassed globally each year. Samsung’s eco-friendly packaging concept is designed to help you creatively recycle the boxes by following a printed dotted pattern. For now, these boxes come with TVs from the brand’s high-end ranges: Samsung The Serif, Samsung The Sero and Samsung The Frame. Each box can be easily transformed into furniture or even household objects.

Once the television has been taken out, you can use the box as a coffee table.

Follow the dotted matrix to create the object you want

Inside each box there is a dotted matrix as well as a pattern to help you fold the box. It is also possible to download other models by scanning a QR code. This way you can draw the pattern of your choice and recycle the box however you wish.

It is possible to download different models on your phone to transform your TV’s cardboard box however you wish.

Samsung’s goal is first and foremost to promote ecologically responsible practices and to connect to consumers who want to reduce their waste in a practical and durable way. Samsung has also stated that this new packaging concept is in line with the brand’s core philosophy and values and that it is looking to provide its customers with a novel and environmentally friendly experience.

Samsung’s recyclable boxes can be made into different objects such as this magazine rack.

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