Cabasse The Pearl and The Pearl Akoya: sound optimization via update


Mis à jour le 2 March 2021.

Cabasse has just announced the update of the Cabasse StreamCONTROL application intended to improve the sound reproduction of its two wireless speakers: theCabasse The Pearl and the Cabasse The Pearl Akoya, both winners of a Diapason d’Or award.

These improvements are available for the iOS and Android versions of the app and bring users even greater listening pleasure!

Developed by Cabasse engineers, the new sound profile called GEN2 allows all users who already own the Cabasse The Pearl and Cabasse The Pearl Akoya speakers to discover a new sound signature. Of course, it is still possible to keep the original sound profile according to your preferences or the configuration of the speakers in the room.

Technical characteristics of the GEN2 profile

  • Optimization of low-frequency dynamics: the signal processing of the new Cabasse DSP reinforces this quality, which is acclaimed by all users of Cabasse The Pearl and Cabasse The Pearl Akoya loudspeakers.
  • Automatic room correction optimized to further preserve the overall balance of the speaker when automatic calibration is enabled.
  • Dynamic Fidelity Enhancer: The Pearl and The Pearl Akoya dynamically adapt to the listening volume to provide the most faithful sound reproduction.
  • Safety and balance at very high volume: when using The Pearl and The Pearl Akoya at maximum volume, the sound pressure limiter best protects your speakers and hearing while respecting the overall balance and dynamics of the source .

The GEN2 profile is now available via the Cabasse StreamCONTROL application on iOS and Android.

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