Why and how to calibrate your hi-fi or home theater system


The automatic calibration of a home theater system (or a hi-fi system) aims to optimize its sound reproduction. It primarily allows you to adjust three factors:

  • the equalization of the speakers and subwoofer,
  • compensating for any asymmetrical placement of the speakers when the geometry or furnishings of the room require it,
  • the correction of resonance induced by the acoustic characteristics of the listening room.

Do you have questions about calibrating home theater speakers and adjusting your subwoofer? Would you like to know more about the different automatic speaker calibration systems for AV receivers and hi-fi amplifiers?


  • Why calibrate your home theeater or hi-fi system?
  • How to calibrate your audio system
  • What to do before calibrating your speakers
  • Calibrate your speakers by ear or with a sound level meter
  • Automatic calibration: how does it work?
  • Athough they’re connected correctly, my speakers are out of phase!
  • The different automatic calibration systems
  • Specific case: calibrating the subwoofer

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