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This year, Yamaha is expanding its catalog with the YH-E700A and YH-L700A haedphones that both feature active noise cancellation and are Bluetooth aptX Adaptive compatible. While they compete with the best-selling Sony WH-1000XM3 and Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, these Yamaha Bluetooth headphones stand out from all the other models currently on the market thanks to innovative new concepts. In addition to the classic external microphones found in competing models, the Yamaha YH-E700A and Yamaha YH-L700A feature internal microphones. They are responsible for providing a unique and totally personalized experience. Let’s take a look at the strengths of the first Yamaha Bluetooth headphones.

Yamaha YH-E700A and YH-L700A: advanced active noise cancelling

For the development of its YH-E700A and YH-L700A Bluetooth headphones, Yamaha started from an observation: active noise cancelling tends to attenuate the reproduction of low frequencies. This is because by relying only on external microphones, conventional noise-cancelling headphones tend to focus only on cancelling surrounding noise.

The Yamaha YH-E700A and Yamaha YH-L700A Bluetooth headphones concentrate the best technologies currently available to optimize your listening experience.

With its new Bluetooth headsets, Yamaha has optimized the process by adding internal microphones for increased audio pickup. These work alongside the external microphones. Their goal: to pick up ambient noise both outside and close to your ears to gently eliminate it without ever interfering with the sound reproduction. In other words, the microphones inside the earpieces pick up ambient noise just as your ears do, and therefore contribute, together with the external microphones, to the optimization of the sound reproduction.

The Yamaha YH-E700A and Yamaha YH-L700A Bluetooth headphones have built-in noise reduction, so you can enjoy your favorite playlists even in the noisiest places.

Finally, the ambient sound mode complements the active noise reduction. This feature uses the microphones to capture outside sounds and place them in the background of your music.

With the “Ambient sound” mode of the Yamaha YH-E700A and Yamaha YH-L700A Bluetooth headphones, you enjoy your music safely.

As a result, you remain aware of your immediate surroundings, so you can safely enjoy your favorite playlists wherever you are.

Yamaha YH-E700A and YH-L700A: Listening Optimizer

In order to offer you perfectly optimized and personalized sound, the Japanese manufacturer offers the Listening Optimizer function on its Yamaha YH-E700A and Yamaha YH-L700A noise-cancelling headphones. This feature also relies on internal microphones. Its role is to measure air leakage and the fit around your ears every 20 seconds in order to offer you a sound reproduction optimized for your morphology, without any action on your part.

Yamaha YH-E700A and YH-L700A: Advanced listening comfort

The purpose of this feature is to optimize the equalization from a given listening volume. Dynamic ranges can vary greatly from one audio file to another, both within the same song and from one song to another. With this “Advanced Listening Comfort” feature, Yamaha offers an adaptive approach in real time. To do this, it uses data from the last five seconds while calculating the average sound level every 0.7 ms. Thus, when applied to a four-band equalization, the correction provided by this feature adapts to the average listening volume.

In addition, the Yamaha YH-L700A headphones feature a 3D surround sound mode, ideal for enjoying movies, TV shows and other programs in total immersion from your TV, tablet or computer with a Bluetooth transmitter.

The Yamaha YH-L700A Bluetooth headphones offer a 3D surround mode, allowing you to watch your video programs in total immersion.

Respectively available for €399 and €499, the Yamaha YH-E700A and Yamaha YH-L700A noise-cancelling headphones illustrate the full potential and expertise of the manufacturer, who is making a remarkable entry into the world of Bluetooth headphones.

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