Trinnov: IMAX Enhanced update and 4 additional channels for the Altitude range


Trinnov Audio is a French manufacturer of digital audio processors founded in 2003, specializing in the field of immersive sound and acoustic correction. Trinnov is active in the professional audio, commercial cinema and high-end home audio markets, and has produced some very impressive installations in partnership with, as was the case with this McIntosh/B&W hi-fi system. Trinnov also participated in the configuration and calibration of certain home theater showrooms in our stores, including the prestigious setup in the Paris Est Son-Vidé store (Champigny-sur-Marne).

The Trinnov Altitude 16 and Trinnov Altitude 32 AV preamps will soon receive a free software update allowing them to benefit from 4 additional outputs. Those who have a Trinnov Altitude 16 or Trinnov Altitude 32 preamplifier will therefore be able to upgrade their private home theater by adding more speakers and subwoofers while keeping the same preamp. With this update, it will be possible to manage 20 channels with the Trinnov Altitude 16 and 36 channels with the Trinnov Altitude 32.
Thanks to this new software update, the Trinnov Altitude 16 preamplifier can manage up to 20 discrete channels, including 4 via its Toslink optical output. It also benefits from the IMAX Enhanced certification.

In practice, this additional feature was implemented by converting the Altitude 16’s Toslink output to ADAT, a protocol well known in the professional music industry that allows the transport of four channels up to 96kHz. It is possible to activate four additional outputs with this feature. You just need to connect the Toslink optical output of the Trinnov Altitude 16 to an external DAC to use it.
With this update, in addition to gaining the IMAX Enhanced certification, theTrinnov Altitude 32 preamp can now handle up to 36 discrete channels, including 4 via its AES/EBU digital outputs.

On the Altitude 32, the AES/EBU outputs are used to activate four additional outputs in addition to the analog outputs. To use them, simply connect these outputs of the Trinnov Altitude 32 to an external DAC equipped with AES/EBU inputs.

This completely free update also adds IMAX Enhanced compatibility to these two AV preamplifiers to support content available in this format.

How to enjoy IMAX Enhanced immersive cinema

In addition, Trinnov has announced the upcoming arrival of a new 16-channel power amplifier named Amplitude 16, which is equipped with ICEPower technology based on Trinnov specifications. This new amplifier is equipped with a dual power supply to offer 16 x 200 watts of power into 8 Ohms and 16 x 400 watts of power into 4 Ohms. It will even be possible to bridge the outputs two by two to obtain 800 watts of power per channel into 8 Ohms and more than 1000 watts per channel into 4 Ohms.

The new Trinnov Amplitude 16 power amplifier will make its first public appearance at the Paris Audio Video Show which will take place from October 23 to 25 at the New Cap Event Center and at the Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel. Trinnov Audio will present a demonstration of the Trinnov Altitude16 + Trinnov Amplitude16 in an immersive 7.1.4 private theater as well as a demonstration of the Trinnov Amethyst hi-fi preamplifier in an innovative 3.1 configuration.

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